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Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)


Emma Hudson
Another great idea Aran.
I have just finished the 6 month course and it is brilliant, such a clever format and really encouraging along the way.
The weekly emails and top tips are both inspiring and amusing! Pob lwc all


This is such a brilliant idea, I, Chesca Ross, have been wanting to do an intensive welsh course for a long time, this could give me the nudge I need!
Diolch yn fawr.


I’m in!
Annemarie Kennedy (Scotland)


Bendigedig! :smiley: I’ll spread the word…
My message to new learners is GO FOR IT!!! (Feel free to put my name in that box when you sign up! It’s Karen Sawyer). I’m nearly halfway through the 6 month course and am loving it :heart_eyes:


Huge welcome to new competitors! :heart:


I’ll put my name here only if I can be particularly diffident about winning prizes, and can grumble about it… you know that very British English sour slightly spoilsporty tone… It is how I know that I had English parents and 3 out of 4 grandparents were English too…

Other English types would not recognise it, I am sure, but I am just as British English with Celtic connections as anybody. If it gets people that I know, some sort of discount I’ll do it. I just do not wish my prize if I get one to be consumed outside Wales, ok?

Madness: I’ll compete with the best of them, I’ll compete (but I’ll grumble!)


P.S. Lorna Rhodes, of course! :upside_down_face:


Well…as ever I’m a little late to the party! But I have today actually shared the word with some potential new learners!


Joe Lowe


Paula Ketcher-Murrell (Dilly Doo Doos) on facebook


Well, I’ve decided to pull myself out of this competition. I can share without any prizes aswell but I lately don’t even see the posts of SSiW page on FB and (as you see) don’t get to the forums much often these days so I actually have to admit I am loosing the grip of what’s going on so despite some posts were promissed to be published which we could share, there’s maybe only one I’ve encountered and shared. I also am loosing the feeling of any idea for the post I could write myself aswell …

I do too little for any prize to be earned so cut me out from this competition and if I get a referal and any prize with it you can award someone else with it.

Good luck to all and let the heartest (not the best) win!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

Dee gets the Penderyn!: the Great SSiW Giveaway Leaderboard



Jess Allen


Well I confess it was the Manics that sold it to me…but I’ll happily accept the Penderyn! Now to see if I can find any friends… :thinking:

Jacqui Thomas (AKA Billy No Mates :rofl:)


I think Bronwen is just grabbing people on the street and forcing them into the library and standing over them until they sign up, so that might be worth a try… :wink: :joy:


I copied @Sean-O idea and shamelessly advertised the offer on a Facebook post where everybody’s super excited to see 10-months SSiW learner Joseph, from Ivory coast, say he’s been learning for 10 months! :smiley:

I admit I’m not really a a natural seller, but after it’s a good opportunity for them, and it’s true SSiW is really working great for me and so why not letting them know?
(this in case you ever find a Gisella as referral).


Crossing fingers for a ‘Gisella’! :sunny: :star2:


Truly inspiring! Everyone should be excited @gisella-albertini.
I started using Twitter because of SSiW…and now I am a non-comm operative :joy:


Amazing offer! I thought it was a steal at £100. I’ve been singing your praises to my friends already. Time to take it up a notch!

Kathy James


Chris Williams ydw I. :blush: