[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


Neis iawn, just got in to book Yr Bachen Du wheelchair room, I think it’s full now!


Wow. So that’s our largest ever birthday party sold out NINE MONTHS in advance. That’s hugely exciting.

And now we can start the pre-party fun and games… :slight_smile: :fireworks:

And we have a very small amount of wriggle room in terms of venue capacity, so I’ll try and get a decent way to run a waiting list up and running once I get back from Washington… :slight_smile:


Can you include me on the waiting list please Aran, not sure how i missed it but we’ve been away with very little access to wifi. I’ve got accommodation sorted.


Argh, no!! I genuinely thought I’d done it this year, and that nothing had gone wrong!

Give me a couple of days… :slight_smile:


Amazing, and Llongyfarchiadau at filling up so quickly. It shows the depth of feeling and strength of commitment of everyone involved.

But me? I was too slow. Too much going on in life right now.

Aran, is there any way you could please add me to the waiting list? Otherwise I shall be standing outside picketing. I must still be recovering from the Magnificent 9th!

Diolch yn fawr.


I am feeling really tempted to make the epic journey if more spaces become available.
So Aran could you put me on the waiting list for two tickets?



Hi but it is an event in at least two languages, is it not? Lurking in dark corners may be your default preferred position normally at parties, but as I discovered at Carmarthen…
…(and I had not been to a party in years, and found I was mostly getting my large group socialising at funerals for a sad phase recently)…
…the pull to join in is absolutely irresistible, and I had no sense of being dragooned.

In short, I think even practised lurkers will be safely within their comfort zone…


HI sorry I missed the tickets would you please put me down on the waiting list. I would love to come. If not hope all have a fab time


Hi folks - flying back from Washington today, and currently aiming (perhaps overly enthusiastically) to have a waiting list sorted out and ready to roll out by the end of the week… :slight_smile:


Would be interested in the Bwtcamp.

I’ll be using my campervan to save money to pay a dogsitter so could always sleep in the carpark, if there is one, if beds are in short supply.


@aran Would places for the potential Bwtcamp places be allocated on the order we piped up above, or go online at a certain time like other bwtcamps, or something else? Sometimes I’m, dare I admit it, not on the forum for weeks so just wanted to check :wink:


Shame on you :joy:

As far as I remember there was a pledge to accommodate EVERYONE who wanted to stay on for a bwtcamp after the party.
A sort of Glastoncymru. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I was banking on that as well!


So, the thread for GlastonCymru is up and waiting for you:

In other news, we’ve started to confirm some rather fabulous special guests - and we’re going to be kicking off the run-up to the party in the not-too-distant future.

So we’re still not 100% sure if we’ll have some spare tickets left or not - but we do now have a ‘waiting list’ thread up and running:

And then once we’ve finished the final confirmations, it’ll be on to the run-up - yes, I know we’re starting that a little on the early side.

If you’re on the party attendance list, you’ll see why soon… :wink:


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If anyone would like to go on the waiting list before we finalise places (in the fairly near future) it’s over here:



HI I know time has passed by since the party has sold out, but I would love to go if there are any returns.


Hi Sally - we’re pretty close to maximum capacity for the location now, and waiting to hear from some possible interesting guests - but if you stick your name on the ‘waiting list’ thread, that will really help me keep track of who’s interested if we do get some spare places… :slight_smile:


Anyone passing through Manchester on their way to the party? Maybe a day or two before? I’m flying to Manchester Airport on the 29th (in the morning) and was looking for ways to get to Caernarfon. I’ve found a bus I could get, but travelling with someone is a lot more fun so I thought I’d ask here first. I can offer Welsh conversation during the trip and a drink when we arrive. :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t have to be on the 29th (just not before, obviously) - I can probably stay a night or two in Manchester if needed :smile:


Hi Cai, if there’s nobody actually local or passing I can collect you from the airport on that day. I’m not working that week so I’m free till about 4pm (Trace works on a Wed evening). What time does your flight arrive?