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[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


I know. :grinning: I’m 95% sure I will be too. I want to kind of match with what my wife is going to wear and it works best with jeans. It actually works best without a tie also, so we’ll see.


I don’t even own a tie or a formal jacket. My idea of smart is wearing a shirt instead of a T-shirt. :laughing:


Bore da wonderful party goers!

Just a quick bit of enlightenment with regards to clothes.

Is is true that this will be the poshest SSiW party we’ve ever had, after all it is the big 10! It is also true that I will look for any opportunity to wear a posh frock and sparkly shoes. But it is also true that SSiW has always been friendly, welcoming, all inclusive and accommodating - a place where every one can be themselves.

We decided not to opt for a strict evening dress/tux function as we knew that this would make many feel uncomfortable and incur unnecessary costs for guests.

Therefore our dress ‘guide’ is smart, but come in whatever makes you feel comfortable and helps you to enjoy the evening.

Aran and Beuno will be in a shirt and tie, waistcoat and jacket - which means they’ll spend much of the evening in shirt, tie and waistcoat. Angharad and I will be in evening gowns. My mother will be in a sparkly top and trousers ensemble and my father in a suit and bow tie.

To give you an idea of the venue - we are hiring the theatre at the Galeri. The room will be fully draped and professionally lit with their starry backdrop. It will be set up in a banquet style and the tables will be decorated - hopefully giving a sense of occasion and luxury and making our guests feel special.

Our aim is for the whole evening to be memorable, for it to feel like a momentous occasion and have a sense of sparkle. We want each and every guests to really enjoy themselves, to feel relaxed and to have fun amongst friends.

I hope this helps.


But it’s still OK for me to wear dinner suit and bow tie, right? :worried:
I don’t want to stand out like a rather magnicent sore thumb. :smile:


Well since I don’t own any sparkly comfy joggers or sweatshirts, I guess I’d better stick with the long frock and a particularly-sparkly headband :joy:


I’m looking forward very much to a selfie with you in your dinner suit and me in my sparkly frock. :grin:


Looking forward to seeing you in your gladrags, Siaron! :heart:


yeah, make the most of it - it’s rarer than a blue moon! :wink: :rofl:


I’m looking forward very much to a selfie with you in your dinner suit and me in my sparkly frock.

That’s an excellent incentive. :heart::smile:
As a matter of interest, may I address a question to fellow party-goers? (I’m glad but not surprised, by the way, that the dress concerns of so many are being addressed by Catrin and others here.)

Will anyone else be wearing dinner suit and bow tie? If not, I may still be able to cancel with Clive’s and save myself some embarrassment and the cost of several bottles of Laphroaig. :smile:

I could still scrub up nice enough for a selfie with Catrin.


I’m going for, mm, what I’d call evening pajamas (maybe like what Catrin’s mom has planned) — looks like a chiffon long skirt without being one. And flats!!!

And I will definitely join the queue for a selfie with Huw. :slight_smile:


I’m guessing a lot of people will join the queue for a selfie with Huw! Especially if he’s dressed to the nines!


I’m flattered but I do hope that Catrin, Tahl, Sionned and the many others will form an orderly queue. :laughing:
Reluctant as I am to take the focus away from myself, can I steer people back to Catrin’s helpful message about 10 posts up. :smile:


HI - GOOD NEWS for someone! Bad news for us: I’m afraid Chris and I will be unable to make it to the Parti Penblwydd, as we’ll have to be with our daughter’s kids while she’s in hospital. So there’s two places up for grabs. I don’t know whether there’s a waiting list or what, but if it’s not too late, I guess the thing to do would be to contact Catrin or Aran? Sorry about the late notice: the things been threatening for a while, but we’ve just got confirmation.


Sorry to hear that Dai - hope your daughter is ok. I’m tagging @aran for you so he can check the waiting list.


You’ll be missed but I send my best wishes for your daughter’s speedy recovery as I’m sure will many others. :smile:


Thanks Huw. That’s very kind. And we’re pretty sure she’ll be OK.


Many thanks, Siaron.


I did (eventually) find an email from Aran Jones in my email providers’ junk box, and that told me how to pay the balance and supplied the necessary password. (Not before I’d sent a panicky email to admin @ SSi… which I hope they’ll ignore)…


Ddrwg iawn gen I glywed bo chi ddim yn gallu dod Dave. :frowning:

I hope everything is OK with the family? Aran is in a meeting this morning, but I will let him know as soon as he is back - I know that he’s been juggling a waiting list, so he’ll be able to give someone some good news this afternoon.

Gawn ni sgwrs yn fuan. X


I’m sending best wishes to your daughter and hope she’ll get speed recovery. …