[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


I think we have a different definition for “that direction”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you but no worries, my very early and extra paranoid planning is to fly on Thursday and then take a train or few.


@tygerc:- Won’t be the longest detour I’ve ever made, but I hope you enjoy the journey!


Catrin this sounds brilliant. I’m definitely up for this. Will try and book the time off work tonight! Dwi’n dwlu Gaernarfon.


Bore da pawb
I’ve just started the 6 month SSIW course and would love to come along to the party and boot camp!
Hwyl fawr


Premier Inn booked for Friday and Saturday - I recall it’s an easy stagger back from the Galeri.


You can run that in the morning and still be in time for the party! :wink:


Sure. Sitting a few hours after the run would be nice but do you think they’d carry me out the plane? :grinning:


Does booking the weekend in our caravan on Pen Llŷn guarantee me a ticket? :grin: Would love to join in with the party. Thank you very much. :grinning:


WOW! Sounds like an exciting and fun weekend. A ticket for me and sign me up for the boot camp too!


Booked bunkhouse accommodation for Friday -Sunday (with cancellation option!!). Very interested in the Bwtcamp the following week but will need to know in plenty of time so I don’t take on any work for that week.Hwyl. Mark


Accommodation booked for two of us. I think that now means I need to keep up the practice after the course finishes.


Hi Aran, not sure if I am meant to reply directly to your post. I’ve booked accommodation (non refundable). Hoping for one ticket. Diolch.


Accommodation booked for two. Many thanks


Accomodation booked.
Can I come to Bwtcamp too please Aran :pray:

PS Happy to cancel and go in on sharing a Airbnb if others are interested, let me know. Could be cheap and also fun :+1:


Only in week 3 but just booked my accommodation - looking forward to tickets going on sale


I’ve booked and non refundable so I would really like two tickets please!!


Just to say, I am about to go away for the next three weeks, so if booking opens while I am away, please save me a ticket if possible (accommodation booked).


No problem Kate! Were going to go through the definites in this thread and make a note of each one before publicly opening the booking page. Therefore assuring that each one of you already with accommodation will have a place. :slight_smile:

By the way, I’m just in the process of finalising the buffet menu and it’s spectacularly delicious!

Also another artist for the Friday night confirmed this week!


Accommodation booked. Two nights in the Ty Glyndwr Hostel. Looking forward to it.


Actually, my hunch on numbers at this stage is that we can open the booking on Monday (we now have the date fully confirmed and deposit paid) and that everyone on this thread will have time to get their tickets… but if I’m wrong, I’ll keep an eye on the numbers and anyone from here who hasn’t put a deposit down… :slight_smile: