South East Cornwall Meet-up


Are there any Welsh speakers/learners in SE Cornwall who would like to meet up on a regular basis to practice conversational Welsh?
Ideally in Looe or Liskeard or close by.
Lillian (PL13)


One for next week’s newsletter! Let’s see if we can find a few people to start a Cornwall meetup. That would be great!


Diolch Lee Thank you! A Cornwall meet-up would be great!
Dwi’n newydd gorffen cwrs Uwch-1 yn Nant Gwrtheryn. Gobeithio!


Hello there here in Cardiff but wondering does one know about a meetup for siarad in Falmouth or area, perhaps. coming down soon and would be nice to find some welsh speakers . Thanks


P’nawn da Gerri. Falmouth is a bit too far west for a SSiW chat for me - an hour and a half’s drive in each direction for me (on a good day), sorry.


Hi Dee et al. We have a first date/time for the SE Cornwall SSiW meet-up for coffee and some Cymraeg. It will be at 10:30am on Wed 13 September in West Looe. If any-one is around on that day, they are very welcome to join us! Just get in touch for venue details.


Great news @LillianMSH! One of these days I’ll make it down to Cornwall for a visit. It’s on my list of places to go :slight_smile: and now I have even more reason.



Mae gen i diddordeb am Meet-up in West Cornwall. Dwi’n byw yn Holsworthy, Dyfnaint.
Dwi’n dysgwyr ond does dim llawer o ddysgwyr yn Holsworthy!

Please give me details of venue and if possible I may be able to make it.



Shwmai Hilary

Diolch am eich neges. Bydd yn dda iawn os 'dach chi’n gallu dod i’r cyntaf SSiW South East Cornwall meet-up.

We are meeting at the Island View Cafe, Marine Drive, West Looe at 10:30am on Wed 13th September. Parking along the seafront (by the tennis courts in West Looe) is free, and if it’s nice weather, there are lots of tables outside (and a small indoor area and a tented area for protection from wind and rain, if needed) It doesn’t have its own website, so here is the link to the trip advisor website.


Pob lwc Lillian - I hope that the meet up on the 13th goes well. If my family hadn’t emigrated to Australia years ago I’d have been able to join you. I had a nostalgic wander around Liskeard in July and enjoyed one of those excellent Barnacutt’s Cornish pasties. Cornish pasties are supposedly available in Australia but are a long way removed from the genuine article. It was good to catch up with you at Nant Gwrtheyrn in August.


Shwmai Hilary. Mae’n ddrwg gen i, ond bydd y Caffe “Island View” in West looe ar gae didd Mercher.

Therefore the first SSiW SE Cornwall meeting will be at the same time/same day: 10:30am on Wednesday 13 September, but at a different place.

It will be at Black Rock Beach Cafe, Millendraeth, near Looe PL13 1PE. There is a Black Rock holiday resort pay and display car park next to the cafe, it’s £1.00 to park for an hour or £2.50 for 2 hours.

We hope you can join us, at the moment, with you, there will be 3 of us. Please can you respond to say that you have picked this message up? Diolch yn fawr iawn. Dwi’n edrych ymlaen at y cyfarfod cyntaf Cymraeg yng Kernow.


Shwmai Guy, diolch am y neges. When you are over here next time, we can arrange a special SSiW SE Cornwall meet up, so you can join us. Good to catch up with you in Nant Gwrtheyrn too.



Next meeting of SE Cornwall SSiW group will be on Wed 27 September at 10:30am at Island View Cafe, West Looe. The link to Island View Cafe’s location and address are above. Please can you get in touch if you can come? Diolch yn fawr iawn. Lillian


Fantastic news - how did the first one go? :slight_smile: :star: :star2:


Do you have a plan to hold them regularly now? Would you like me to add them to the list at the end of the weekly newsletter?



Thanks Dee, yes that would be the aim - to carry on holding meetings to Siarad Cymraeg regularly - maybe sticking with every other Wednesday.


Hiya, I’m new to all of this but I’d love to be involved in the meet ups! I’m originally from Merthyr but have been living in truro for the last 17 years. Also my parents are moving down next month and my mam would love to come along too! Due to epilepsy, I don’t have a driving license at the moment but hope to be back on the road in December… keep your fingers crossed for me! Diolch xxx


Shwmai Amy Laura

Diolch yn fawr iawn am y neges. Thanks for the message. It would be great if you and your mam could join our SSiW SE Cornwall meet-ups. At the moment there are 2 of us, we meet every other Wednesday morning, normally in Looe. We would be happy to come over to Truro to meet up with you both for one of the October meetings, either on the 11 or 25 if either of these suit, if so, please suggest somewhere in central Truro where we could meet? Otherwise, we have everything crossed for you so you can get driving again and can come over to Looe in December. Cofion gorau, Lillian x


Bendigedig diolch! SSiW meetings here in Cornwall are brilliant thanks. Great to be able to practice Welsh here in Cornwall.