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Speaking Welsh in Llandudno


Hi, I’ve been learning for about 6 months. Gone through Courses 1 and 2 - too quickly, so am now going to go through Levels 1 and 2. However, I’m getting no conversation practice and am absolutely terrified of trying to speak to anyone in Welsh. As such, I was wondering whether there were any learners in the Llandudno area who wanted to meet up in a caff for a coffee and a “go” at speaking Welsh. Evenings are best for me but I can do weekends. I have a car and a wanderlust that has seen me travel as far as Colwyn Bay and Conwy.


This may not be much help in the very short term, but Eirwen and I seem to find ourselves in North Wales most years visiting family. Do you play tennis - in which case we can “play tennis in Welsh” at Eirias Park in Colwyn Bay. We normally base ourselves near Abergele and Llanfairtalhaian.

If not tennis then coffee, fish and chips and afternoon-tea figure prominently on our to-do list when visiting and all lend themselves to great conversations in Welsh with and without food in our mouths at the same time.

Anyway, we wish you a successful journey deep into the riches of the Welsh language and when we are next in Wales we should be able to offer ourselves as sparring partners for you in Welsh conversation. Of course, you may be fluent by then;



Shwmae Steve! I’ll actually be travelling to Wales after Christmas, so if you’re around in late January/early February, I’d be happy to swing by your way and we can grab a coffee. :smile:


Hi Karla

Thanks for your reply and the offer. I’ll wait to hear from you when you arrive in Wales. I’m listed in the learners as Steve_Llandudno so you can message me there or via this thread. In the meantime, have a great Christmas.



Hi Justin

Many thanks for the kind offer. I’m no tennis player but am the “Andy Murray of eating” so let me know when you are in North Wales - either through this thread or I am listed in the learners as Steve_Llandudno.



Sure thing - I’ll be in touch!

And Nadolig llawen i ti hefyd. :smile:


Well this is a future meeting to look forward to as I am the Roger Federer of eating,






Hi Steve
We are near Llanrwst and would be keen for the occasional coffee/chat!
Not quite around the corner but not too far I think - maybe we can take turns going up or down the A470? We have been learning with SSiW for a couple of years on and off, only made it halfway through course 2, lost the plot somewhere along the way but currently working our way through the lessons again. You seem to have ploughed through A LOT in six months, wow.


If you don’t mind a trip to Llansannan we have a Siared Sadwrn every first and third Saturday of the month in our local pub The Red Lion 10 - 11.30. Great opportunity to practice speaking and learning as we have a mix of natural Welsh speakers and various grades of learners



Hi Jenny

Thanks for getting in touch and for the information. It’s a shame as I’ve just missed the 1st Saturday and the next ones take us into the Xmas period. I’ll definitely drive over in the New Year, though. Is it okay to just turn up?




Thanks for getting in touch. I think the fact that I’ve ploughed through a lot is the problem. I need to have more patience and allow time for things to sink in. I’d be happy to drive over to Llanrwst. I’m not a big fan of driving on windy, country roads in the dark as my night vision isn’t what it was. If you had half-an-hour or so spare on a Saturday we could meet in a café or somewhere.

You may need to be patient as I have never actually had a conversation in Welsh before. It’s sure to be a lot more tricky than repeating sentences back to an SSiW recording.



Yes you can just turn up. Unfortunately I can’t make it on the two January one’s but I can let them you’re coming.


Hi Steve in LLandudno
I am currently steve in cardiff but next week I will be another Steve in Landudno. From Monday to Friday we will be renting a place on the Great Orme and would love to try some Welsh. I have been on and off for eight months and have given up a number of times. I have just decided to try again.

I would love to get together and try to speak one sentence in welsh.

I am not sure how we communicate on this.



Hi Steve,
There’s quite a big crew of us learners in the Llandudno area. Many meet upstairs in Siop Lewis (Welsh book shop at 21 Madoc street, Llandudno) on Friday mornings 10.30 onwards, all levels. If you’re interested in coming along on Thursday evening this week (10th) at 7.30pm many of us are getting together at Capel Peniel in Deganwy (Ty Mawr Road) where Trystan Lewis (of Siop Lewis, also Plaid Cymru candidate and eminent musician) is giving a talk for learners on the Welsh tradition of Plygain singing, with a chance to have a go at some singing. Would be a chance to meet people and find out what else is going on in the area that suits you. Maybe see you there? Sam


Hi Steve
That’s handy as I actually live on the Great Orme. I’m listed on the learners’ site as Steve_Llandudno so you could message me through that next week if you like. I’m sure that between us we’ll be able to manage a full sentence in Welsh!

I hope you enjoy the drive up. Weirdly enough, the A470 goes all the way from Cardiff to Llandudno so the journey’s do-able on one road - a long but beautiful journey.


Hi Sam

It’s a shame but I won’t be able to get to the Friday mornings as I work full-time. There might be the odd occasion when I can get there, though.



“The Welsh M1”:


(Something to listen to on the drive up! :slight_smile: ).


Hi Steve
There’s also a meet-up for a chat tomorrow morning (Sat 12th) at 10am in Siop Lewis Llandudno. Local tutor Gwawr will also be there to facilitate things. We have evening meet-ups about once a month (next is Scrabble night 14th Jan) If you contact Ceri Llwyd in Bangor Uni (Welsh for Adults dept), at, she can put you on the email list for the newsletter which has details of all kinds of events going on in and around the place. All the best, Sam.


Hi Steve, I live in Llandudno too! And also work full time which means I can’t get to the Friday morning meet-ups. Happy to go for a coffee sometime and chat Welsh?!