SSiW and the Big Change - brace yourselves!


That’s a ‘Yes’ and an ‘Ummm, I hope so’ - if you give it a shot and it doesn’t work, it’ll have to wait until Ifan gets back from holiday, on the 11th… :wink:


Thanks, I’ll give it a go.


Hi Aran

Completed the easy bit - up-grade to Polyglot!!

Will leave subscription up-date until Ifan returns - only seem to be able to enter payment card
details, not bank account details etc.

Thanks again


Oh, right, hang on - I think I didn’t read that bit carefully enough - no, I don’t think we can accept direct debits at the moment - but I can ask Ifan how much extra coding work it would take when he gets back… :slight_smile:


Hi, that’s fine. No problem in keeping it as it is if a problem. Will wait to hear.



Shw mae Aran, I’m on the penultimate week of the 6 month Welsh course and want to say a huge thank you to the team and my fellow learners. I have tried and failed to learn Welsh in the past. I never got to the point of being able to have a conversation with anyone, but I broke through that barrier and felt confident enough to chat at the party in Caerfyrddin.
I am thoroughly enjoying the process and its challenges and looking forward to whatever comes next. I have also upgraded to the Polyglot subscription as I want to learn Spanish and revive my very rusty French.
Diolch yn fawr iawn i gyd.


That’s so fantastic to hear - diolch o galon and llongyfarchiadau mawr! Are you coming to the 10th birthday party next year? :slight_smile:


I am. Deposit paid and accommodation booked. So looking forward to it.


Are you thinking about Catalan by any chance?


My daughter is trying to subscribe but she says the website has the price at £10 a month, which she can’t afford. Has the price gone up early, or can she still get in at £3.95?


I have just subscribed for £3.95 a minute ago. If you try to access Level 3 it shows not available as Premium content. You can then subscribe Welsh or Polyglot. Pob lwc.


Thanks. I’ll have a look. Maybe she’s looking at the wrong thing. Strange, because she’s usually smarter than her mum…


Would be worth asking @aran but I think the reason might be that it’s £3.95 for existing members. Has your daughter only just joined SSIW? In which case she may not count as an existing member, and so the lower rate doesn’t apply. That’s how I understood the whole “grandfathered in” thing, but I could be wrong.


Hope it isn’t existing members as Aran said anybody who subscribes before end of August and to tell your friends about it, which I have done.
All will be revealed!


Thanks, but no, she did just need to try to access Level 3. All sorted now. Thanks @Tricia!


Ahh, well that’s good news indeed!


Great, the more the merrier.


Yup, definitely not just for existing members - and glad it’s sorted now - hope you seize the opportunity to suggest that she’s not cleverer than her mother after all… :wink:

@annepowell - yup, definitely thinking about Catalan… :slight_smile:


Not needed at all (and maybe some people hate me for that) but I’ll still put my mug in here to “catch” some flow from discussion.

There’s always someone who drops off after the prizes go up, but I’ll put my story here: I don’t have any, not even the weakest connections to Wales apart from my new friends I’ve gained exactly on here, in SSiW and this forum but I still pay for the course which I learn for no other reason but out of once being challenged that it’s absolutely impossible to learn Welsh and that I’ll never be able to speak it. From that particular challenge the love toward the Welsh language, Wales and rugby has grown up. If I put the comparrison to the prices of the courses in our country, even if Welsh could be there to learn it, you’d pay those 144 GBP for only one course which would include about 50 (or so) hours of learning and maybe some material to go with it, not mentioning that they’d not be as half as so efficient as SSiW is.

And have also in mind I don’t live anywhere near the Welsh would be heard what even spoken but I still say the price whch is aimed to be in the future is worthy to pay. (But, yes, I’m on the old polyglot plan so I can chat about prices (hehe) but I’d probably pay new price if neccessary anyway).

And then, if people are prepared to pay some amount of money for intensives why not for one subscription? The amount to be payed in the future will of course be much higher if you count alltogether but everyone has to count together also what one gets for this amount. …

The same …

Did you say "AllBlacks?! I have to read this one. :slight_smile:

Croeso yma @beca-brown! You’re in good very international company on here. I’m Slovene, living in Slovenia, stumbled on here in about 2013 and stayed learning Welsh … :slight_smile:

That was Growth Club which works something like this: GBP 10 gave you only listening 5 minutes sessions, GBP 20 gives you 5 minute listening sessions and transcripts to them and GBP 50 gave you all this + occassional chat to @aran about the theme of the particular listening session (that was a plan but since I never was GBP 50 subscriber I actually don’t know what really went on on that level).

YAY! @elkiedeadman I just have to say hello since I didn’t see you on here for quite amount of time! :slight_smile: (Sorry, people, I just had to do this!) :slight_smile:

Knowing @Isata this I believe is definately true. :slight_smile:


Never miss a chance!