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Superb video messages from Anthony, Deborah, Kai, Geraint, Sara to new Welsh learners


Diolch yn fawr iawn! Really glad it helped :grin::blush:


And heeeeeeeere’s Geraint! :star: :star2:


I believe there are no words from me needed. You’re all amazing and my likes on YouTube and here probably says it all.

And, @gruntius you made my day with your “intro” in deed …!


Thank you @tatjana, I cringe. :slight_smile:

@Novem, wonderful. First time hearing you speak english. Weird. :wink: :smile:


Yes, good point @gruntius! Me too actually … :slight_smile:


@novem Gwych! Wonderful to hear how Welsh has opened up worlds and helped you to grow. Keep spreading those wings - you are an inspiration!

@gruntius Thanks for sharing your story - I think I would have liked the long version, too! :slight_smile: So glad you were able to have those conversations with your dad, and a new sense of belonging and home. I can’t imagine how new learners could not want to continue after watching these videos!

I haven’t met any of you in person, but after having listened to you in the Speaking Practice session, it does seem odd to hear all of you speak English :slight_smile:


Brilliant, well done. Very encouraging.
Diolch yn fawr :heart_eyes:


So hard to keep it short isn’t it?!


Indeed it is, watching the clock ticking thinking ‘rap it up’.


Dee’s message is truly inspirational and not just for learners of Welsh, but for all languages. Immersion is so important, as I have seen in both Belgium and Spain, learning Dutch and Castilian (Spanish). Everyone who is thinking of learning another language should watch Dee’s video.


I was a little sad by the dismissive comment about Klingon. I think Klingon could really do with a SaySomethingin course as well – I think there are a lot more competent writers than fluent speakers, partly because we’re even more spread out than Welsh speakers are, and having a course that focuses on speaking and that would create a similarly (eventually) nearly effortless speaker of a limited range of sentence structures at first would do a world of good!

That said, thank you very much for the rest of that video – very good to hear about your story and the personal touch behind it.


I don’t know what to say to this, I make no apology. I personally don’t see Klingon in the same light as a language with a clear history that has evolved and has a culture etc. Esperanto was invented to try to create a universal language with a purpose and therefore different to Klingon which, as far as I can see, was made up to support a sci-fi franchise and learnt by uber fans of said franchise. You might say I, and many others, see Klingon as a language the same way I, and many others, see Jedi as a religion.


Absolutely fantastic videos!!! Diolch yn fawr iawn! tulu inspirational and moving - I feel very proud. :smile: :smile: :smile:


Wwww, new video - this one from the inspirational @sarapeacock :star: :star2:

Diolch o galon i ti, Sara! :cocktail: :fireworks:


Fantastic! (That’s the one that had me doing a double take because I’ve never heard you speak English before, @sarapeacock!)


@sarapeacock Loved hearing your story! From setting yourself the goal of learning before you moved to Cardiff and now living and working in Welsh, really inspirational! I know I keep using that word, but, well, you all are! :slight_smile:


Wow, fantastic success story, truly inspirational. Llongyfarchiadau @sarapeacock.


Aw… thanks, folks. I really, really want people to know that learning Welsh is perfectly possible!

(I don’t think I’d recognise your voice in English either, Sonia!)


Wow! What brilliant, inspirational messages. Thank you all so much.


Diolch Anthony for such an inspirational video. I know many Welsh born and Welsh speakers who refuse to speak the language and you have such enthusiasm that puts them to shame.