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Tatjana - progress reports


Tatjana, paid becso. You are a Welsh speaker, no question about it! Have fun :slight_smile:


Continuing “stori bach” …

I’m sitting here now. It’s late at night … no, it’s early in the morning, almost 1 am the big clock on my computer shows. I’m listening to some of the best movie soundtracks of all times (by my choice of course), spreading thoughts about today …

“Paid becso” said @AnnaC. Everyone would understand you saying “bus stop” points out @ramblingjohn … both as true as this day.

After some slight missunderstandings regarding time, @aran and I finally managed to bring our conversation to life. I was quite nervous, looking at some silly notes of words I’ve put on the list in the early morning … Hmmm. If I look back now, what was I so nervous about? There’s nothing to be nervous about at all. Aran called, I’ve answered, switching on camera … I still had that silly list on the screen but there was no time to look at it anymore. We started to talk but nothing about what woudl be on that list.
“Beth mae’n digwydd mewn Slofenia?” (or something similar) was one of Aran’s questions.
"Oh, beth mae’n digwydd? Llaywer o pethiau! Yni’n enill … ummm … " I was looking on the list trying to find those words I’ve written down. I wanted to tell how our golden eagle Peter Prevc won the 4 hills turnee and about ski jumpings… I couldn’t find anything but only about 10 words were written there. Ah, who cares about lists and what’s written there I’ve said to myself and just blurted something about the subject out … It was even not so bad at the end. Aran could understand me (at least I think he could). Then on I’ve just talked whatever subject we jumped on. All of a sudden it was all easy and fun. I felt I could go on talking for hours and I believe the more I’d talk the more accurate my forms of sentences would be. What we talked about? all sorts of things, from snow and if it falls or not, do we prefer winter from summer or oposite way, what I do as my job (the most clueless about what should I say here was this moment though), about how I feel talking Cymraeg. Yah it was fun and easy. I was even alowed to say some English words which I really couldn’t remember how to say and Aran told me Welsh equivalent. Nah, I didn’t remember them all but some of them surely had hidden themselves somewhere in my head and are waiting to step out when neccessary.

If yesterday’s sgwrs with @brigitte (pardon me, I couldn’t remember how to say sgwrs in English) was intensive, this one was even more. But I wasn’t rain of English words this time - oh, no - I was rain of Cymraeg and when one can’t stop you talking in the target language you learn … then you know you started to really speak it …

Despite my mistakes and constant “sut i ddweud e” murmuring to myself I (ahhh, finally one would say) I now officially proclaim I’m a Welsh speaker. (on a ground what Aran and some of you say …)

Well, here’s a lot to be learnt yet and my grammar part has to be hugely upgraded with the most up to date version of “software” but anyway … here I go, having not one native speaker in my near to be engaged into conversations with, not one single other person learning in my country (or I’m mistaken?) I’ve managed to come this far thanks to SSiW, thanks to Aran and team behind the scene, thanks to you all!

Oh, there will surely be some moanings of mine in the future when learning lessons, I have no doubt about that but knowing that I am more comfortable when I freely speak to the people then when I’m learning new stuff in a lesson is kind of relief, isn’t it?

So, here I am … sittng behind my computer, writting these lines and now listening to some of my silly electronically created melodies … It’s 1:30 in the morning now … a new day is rising. Just three more hours and I’ll have to jump out of my bed again being prepared to go to work. Yesterday didn’t start the best way possible, but it ended that way. Thank you.

And just for the fun of it … here are my silly musical creations. Nothing for what I could become notorious thiugh, just silly soundtracks for the movie I once planed to create but it never happened though. :slight_smile:

Music Creations (unfortunately there’s nothing yn Cymraeg though). :slight_smile:

THE END, FINE, ENDE, Y diwedd, FIN, KONEC … [SIZE=10]of the story of course, all the rest is going on … [/size]


Look forward to our monthly upgrades,

Cheers J.P.


Yop, me too. Every month new “service pack” - hehe :slight_smile:


Ahhhh… I’ve been waiting to hear that… :sunny:

Oh yes - but whenever there are, I (and others, I’m sure!) will point you back at:


I’m glad you feel like this, Tatjana - because if you hadn’t, I would have had to be quite stern with you! Your improvement in just 3 months was clear and significant - you’ve gone from being able to produce sentences one at a time to being able to produce paragraphs, and to communicate on a whole range of subjects. You are, absolutely certainly, a Welsh speaker - so your scores on the last session of Course 2 are good enough.

Sure - as you keep on revisiting the lessons 25 (Course 1 and Course 2) once every month or two, and as you work through Level 2, you will challenge yourself, you will find things difficult, you will feel frustrated - but you will also, clearly, without ANY doubt, continue to find it easier and easier to communicate in Welsh.

Llongyfarchiadau mawr… :thumbsup: :star: :star2:


Hwre! So happy to read your “stori bach” and see that you had a great sgwrs, a happy experience, and best of all, came out knowing that you believe, from inside yourself, that you CAN speak Welsh! Ti’n seren :star: :slight_smile:


I knew you’d say this. But I didn’t say what I did becase you’d want to hear it but I really feel so in deed.

I know … I’d be angry and fed with myself if I wouldn’t feel like this too. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to do this first now. I feel I’m a bit out of track … :slight_smile: Then on to Challenge 11 of Level 2 which is still waiting for me despite there’s Challenge 12 out already. Holidays caught me in a “sweet dreams” mommentum - hehe …

Diolch yn fawr iawn ac diolch am sgwrsiau. Dwi’n gobeithio yni’n gallu siarad un waith a’r ol peth amser. :slight_smile:

Diolch! Diolch! Diolch!

Thank you @AnnaC. I bet you’d be able to speak quite the same as I did it’s just that you don’t know that yet. :slight_smile: Now I’ll have more motivation and energy to motivate all the rest of you when needed too. I’m happy if people are happy. :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr iawn ond bydda i’n aros yn gadarn ar y ddaear. (I’ll stay solid on the ground).

And, I didn’t shine all the time in my learning process on and off learning course. As I’ve hoummorously said … am in need to “upgrade my software” to be up to date. - hehe.


I think we can all say the same! :slight_smile:

Nobody shines all the time! You’re still a star :slight_smile:

Not yet, I’m only halfway through Course 2. You’ve covered a lot more ground than I have. But I’ve been able to get back to work on the lessons lately, so hopefully lots of progress is about to happen! Tasen i’n gallu gweithio’n gyflymach, bysen i’n dysgu mwy o Gymraeg! :slight_smile:


Dwi’n cytuno. :slight_smile:

But don’t rush yourself too much either. :slight_smile:


@tatjana has your copy of wcw the children’s magazine arrived? How long did it take?


Oooo, yes, @theresacorbett the copy of WCW arrived and it didn’t take more then 10 days or so. It’s a bit thinner then I thought but quality stuff. Slowly reading … :slight_smile: (Well, very slowly though). :slight_smile:

To @aran

I’m at chapter 3 now. Your advise of listening to the book rather then reading it helps a lot however I’ve got a bit stuck in that Chapter 3 right now since I’m a bit preoccupied (in my head) with some exciting things regarding Cymraeg which might take place in the future. I won’t say more yet but maybe I’ll be able to siarad Cymraeg in person with someone in about two months or so. Looking forward … :slight_smile:

Now I’ll go back tu slumber not to reveal too much … :slight_smile: - hehe

Oh, and, just for the record: I’ve returned to Level 2 and did those 2 remaining Challenges - Challenge 11 and 12. It seamed “bad” outcome to me when I did them, but when I’ve got back to statistics when I finished it was quite surprising. 11 was (I believe) 24 % and 12 was 54 %. Challenge 12 seamed a bit easier to me though and this for percentage is higher.

Well, this is all for now! :slight_smile:


I’m really delighted to hear that - I think it’s a hugely important book… :sunny:


Even if it wouldn’t be so, it’s interesting. One actually knows prety much everything what is written inthere but is just not aware of it or (maybe this was/is my case) one feels like they don’t need to change mindset or whatever. But yes, so far it’s great. :slight_smile:


Just to let you know that I’m 3 days off work this week (well, at least it’s set to be so, but you never know though) so if anyone has some desire to chat on Skype with me, I could do that in the afternoon/evening except on Thursday evening when I and @brigitte have our (now i already can say that) multilingual session.


Since I’ve gone through all material available on South part (only Challenge 14 of Level 2 remained) I decided I’d go once again through the whole material on daily basis this time without any measuring or percentage horrassing myself and all of you on here.

The reason: When doing Challenge 13 of Level 2 last night I realized I don’t remember and can’t use many quite important structures but rather use very simple ones or I use them even wrong. This is what I’ve noticed through the all conversations I had. Why from the very beginning? Just for fun of it and to go once again through the material and see where there are my weak points in using proper words, structures etc …

I decided I’ll also go through Lessons 25 of all courses and Levels once a month and those recommended C1L24/25 and C224/25 once in 3 months.

All aditional things like some reading of my beloved CWC (I’ve just subscribed to and is regularly comming into my house by mail now), doing some lessons on DuoLingo (if not for the other then for testing and giving some feedback if asked for it and possibly learning some additional things) or maybe peering into Welsh Rules, listening to Radio Cymru, music or watching S4C - those are just additional things which might come handy.

I’m definately determined to become real Welsh speaker and I take challenges @dee had set in front of me … taking part of online Eisteddfod this year (how strange, I can’t find that post on here anymore.) and … going for Dysgwr y Flwyddyn in a year or two (if life doesn’t play hard on me and I’ll be as talkative as I am now. - haha! :slight_smile: )

However, I’ll still report my first going through the lessons (like I went through Challenge 13 for the first time yesterday). Doing Chalenge 14 today or maybe tomorrow I’ll have another set of 7 lessons ready to report about. :slight_smile: I can say only that previously I wouldn’t be even a bit satisfied with outcome, but now … jaaaaaaaaaa … thanks to @aran and all the rest of you, my thinking changed and I think what I have to report I see as prety good results now. But more about this when I finish Challenge 14.

Tan a tro nesa!



:star: :star2:


As ever you are not alone: but i think the skype time is making a real difference because others use phrases we had forgotten and those jump into action, by the end of the year we may be struggling with some really complex stuff :smile:

Cheers J.P.


Or we will struggle how to actually say things easier way. - hehe :slight_smile:

And of course, you’re right in everything you’ve written.


I don’t know why exactly, but I’ve just got the idea of reading my first post in this thread @aran once created for me. Probably I found myself here reading it because of so many views of this topic and wonders of what people can actually pull out of it and possibly learn from my “horrasement” of the forum inhere … And just look at this!

I mean, what was I thinking? I must have been really angry at myself and my (un)progressing to go with something like this.

So, if even might seam to you I’m repeating myself about what I will write now there will be never enough "thank you"s to all of you who encourraged me to stay, to go on, to learn and to be alowed to help others when I could/can.

I’ve said it so many times and I’ll say this again! [size=40]THANK YOU ONE AND ALL![/size] After just 1 (more) year of learning I CAN produce something useful, so I’ve reached that acheavement. :slight_smile: I can tweet much more then just “Nos da. Cysgu yn dda ac Breuddwydion melys.” and all thanks to you. I even manage to have fun when talking and most of all, I’m not horrassing this forum and you all with my anger upon myself which many sometimes seam to take as if it would be aimed upon them …

For all those ˇ"hidden talents" of angrying upon themselves who are fortunately clever enough not to stress their anger on here I pass recommendation @aran gave me once - go with tthe flow and, yes, read the most imporant book of your life [size=30]“MINDSET”[/size]. If you’re not too stubborn to at least try to “obey” some of suggestions in it, your thinking and possibly life will slowly but steadily change.

[size=40]Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb ac diolch yn fawr iawn i Aran![/size]


(i think you might have a fan @aran)