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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


The red badge is for posting your ‘5 minutes’ test :slight_smile:
Onto green when you post your first question!


I posted mine a couple of days ago… ah, hang on… I think I can see my red badge! Diolch yn fawr


Here is my recording made a couple of weeks ago of the first questions. I can spot two mistakes, but that’s fine (remember/forget and not softening after wnes I), but I wanted to share the original and not make a new one. Here it is:


Well, that was painful - and I already spotted a dweud that should have been a siarad! O daro!



These are the ten questions from week 6 of the 26 week course. I would thank Dee for her helpful advice once again


Just moved this here @malnet3. Someone started that other thread, but it’s not the ‘official’ one. You’re in the right place now, and you’ve got your red badge for saying all your 5-minute sentences. Da iawn ti!


If it’s any consolation, I keep making this mistake too! My other favourite is saying “ymarfer” instead of “(g)wella”. Oh, and softening when I shouldn’t. I keep saying “Wnes i ddim gofio” forgetting that the “(d)dim” takes the mutation so there isn’t one for “cofio”. Still, it would be boring if we got it all right straight away!


Well Soniakw that worked like a dream. That was a pleasure to listen to because you have gentle intonation and an obvious love of Welsh.


Well here goes. Let’s hope it works :upside_down:


Well, here’s my effort. Not very interesting sentences, I’m afraid! The old brain went a bit blank on me a few times! Is there a minimum standard required?


Can I be cheeky and ask for some feedback on mine? I’d like to know if anything is outright wrong or doesn’t make sense. If anyone has some time, I’d really appreciate it.


It was great - understood all of it, enjoyed the dreadful cat - you’re doing very well… :slight_smile:


Cheers Aran, appreciate it! The horrible cat is the bane of my life…



Ti’n swnio mor naturiol! You sound so natural! :star2:


Diolch yn fawr iawn yn wir Dee, your support is BENDIGEDIG!!


It’s painful for me to listen to but… it’s done!


Well DONE! Embracing that pain is a huge step forward… :thumbsup: :star2:


(the heatwave is here, so if I sound exhausted, it’s the heat, not Welsh :joy:)