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The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)


Hi I have completed the 5 minute test but don’t seem to have managed to get this info to the right place? i can’t even work out how to getonto the slack page… i was on it earlier, but not sure how I GOT THERE? I must have clicked something but god knows what. Sorry to be so dense?


Ahhh got it thanks. I’m haveing a technically challenging day. been off the PC for a week or so. Now… can’t work out how to get onto the slack page to change to the next challenel// I was there 20 mins ago but lost it? help please?


I’m amazed!! I’ve done it :laughing:


I have done the 5 minute test - going pink.


Done it :grinning:


Done it!


I’ve done it!
Although finding it challenging, I am really enjoying learning Welsh and becoming more confident each week.


Done it.


Wedi gwneud :tada:


I’ve done it


Huge congratulations to all of you - superb efforts! You now have PINK badges!



Hi Chrys, I must admit that I’m not 100% clear on what you’ve lost? But I’ll try and help best I can.

Firstly, look at the top right hand corner of this page. Can you see the word Learn - white text on a red background? That is where you’ll find our Structured Courses, Challenges, Advanced Content and info on Intensive Courses.

Otherwise, if you are needing help with using Slack, then please click on the following link for instructions of where to find it and how to use it - How to use Slack/Welsh Speaking Practice

But if what you are trying to achieve is to move forward with your next challenge and gain your red badge, then all you have to do is record yourself saying out loud the sentences that you’ve been practising, then post the recording in the Pink to Red badge thread on this forum. See this post for more info - The '5 Min' Test-SoundCloud 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge**🔴(Awarded Mondays)

Please don’t feel daunted by this next step, because If recording feels like too much of a technical nightmare, don’t worry. If it makes life easier, I am willing to award you your Speaking Practice Challenges badges based on someone else listening to you speaking your sentences/questions/answers, rather than you having to record and upload them?

So if you If you are in touch with any other learners and can get one of them to listen to you via phone-call or other method, then all you have to do is post here to tell me you have completed it! Some learners already do this. :smiley:

I hope the above helps you to move forward. :slight_smile:


Done it! Phew!


I’ve done the 5-minute test. I’ve said each of the words and phrases within five minutes:
Dw i isio dysgu Cymraeg.
Dw i’n mynd i ymarfer siarad rwan.
Fedra i ddim cofio sut i ddeud beth dw i issio deud.
Dw i angen ymarfer siarad Cymraeg bob dydd.
Fedra i ddim cofio beth o’n i issio deud.
Dw i isio deud rhywbeth arall, ond fedra i ddim cofio beth o’n i issio deud.
O’n i isio ymarfer siarad efo chdi.
Dw I newydd dechrau dysgu Cymraeg.
Dw i (we)di anghofio sut i ddeud beth o’n i isio deud.
O’n i’n trio deud bo’ fi’n meddwl bod siarad Cymraeg yn ddiddorol.
Dw i’n meddwl bo’ fi angen ymarfer siarad Cymraeg rwan.
Rhaid i mi ymarfer siarad Cymraeg bob dydd.
Liciwn i siarad Cymraeg efo chdi rwan.


Done it today, Sept. 15, 2020.


this is the place were I got stuck, so I haven’t done it yet, not in 5 minutes, but will keep trying. I’m 3 lessons behind now


Don’t worry too much about it - you don’t have to clear this task before moving on. Keep going with the lessons and just try your sentences every now and again and post that you’ve done it when it happens. And if the other ‘coloured badge’ tasks come up before you’ve done this bit, don’t worry about that either, these tasks can all be done later whenever you’re ready and leaving them until later won’t affect the actual course.


I’ve done it :star2::star2::star2:




Shwmae Pawb, DONE. Dwi’n hapus iawn nawr.