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The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)


Hi James! :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries, I did notice you and your pink badge was awarded to you at the beginning of September when you completed this task. See the link below which shows the original post. All the best with the next task! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve completed the 5 minute test - week 6, which I found a lot easier than finding where to post this … and still not sure I’m doing it correctly, so apologies if I’ve replied to someone directly and invaded your privacy … but if you can help me out and point me to where I need to go I’d appreciate it.
Think I need to get to a Q&A session … my next challenge. Just wondering if this is all to make the Welsh seem eaier :wink: Bring on week 7!


You’ve posted fine Lynne! (the big blue ‘reply’ is to reply in the thread in general, the grey ‘reply’ at the bottom of someone’s post is to reply to them specifically)
The Q&A sessions are the ones on Slack (not here in the forum) - you should have had details of that in one of your emails. I’m ‘borrowing’ what Deborah said recently on another thread: if you don’t still have your Slack email and you’re not sure how to get in, just go to and enter your email address there. That will help you get into Slack, then have a read of #1-start-here that useful information for getting started, plus the time table for the online sessions.



Diolch yn fawr siaron.

I have received the e-mail but I still struggle in finding my way around: threads, forums, channels … but just like the Welsh I will keep trying and I’m sure it will get easier. I think there was a bit of an overload of information for me at the beginning and I think I’ll revisit all the early correspondence which is likely to mean more to me now.
Anyway the important thing is dw i’n joio dysgu Cymraeg.


I am slightly surprised that I have done this. I found weeks 1-4 easy but needed to go through weeks 5 and 6 about four times.


Done. Repeating week 1 actually felt a lot easier. Yeah !!! Rhaid i fi ymarfer myw!!




Excellent work @lynne-17 @jan-21 @patricia-broomfield @stevethomas-1! You are now PINK! :smile:


yes ! well I set the cooker timer my sentences were short and I got a little stuck on I wanted then went back to it after I did the rest and I think I got it but need to double check as I can’t believe it


Hi I did it in time using ver ysimple unelaborated sentences only thing I unsure on was number 7 so will revisit to double check pretty sure am on target though.


Hi done though still feel I wanted a tad tricky


Well done Emma! :clap:

We will be rewarding the next batch of badges next Monday, so watch this space and see yourself turn PINK on Monday morning! :smiley:


Done it.

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Dw i’n hapus dawn!
Managed the sentences in 5 minutes … completely forgot I’d like to for a moment :slight_smile:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


done it - just!


Done it!


done it! :slight_smile:


Done it!