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The 'Please add me to the SSiW map' thread


Another Glastonbury! Do you have a Glastonbury Tor though?

You’ve also got a Bristol, a Bridg(e)water, a Winchester, Salisbury, Mansfield, Coventry and Norwich! It’s like the first settlers had no original ideas for names at all!


No Tor! But there’s also a Manchester, Enfield, Windsor, New London, Greenwich, Hartford, and so many more. North of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania you should see the coal areas and Bryn Mawr and many more Welsh names.


Yale was founded by Elijah (spelling?) Yale and he’s buried in Wrexham


How we access the map please? I’ve forgotten


Hi, Susan! To get to the map from the forum, click on “FAQ” link up in the color bar at the top. That will take you to a section of the rest of the site (Frequently Asked Questions) which also has a secondary menu across the top:
FAQ - Bwtcamp - Map - Shop - Contact Us - Becoming Fluent - SSiW History - Shwmaeathon
For the map (obviously) click on “Map” and you’ll find links to all of the SSiW maps. Or explore all the other links there!


Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Hi Sionned, can you add me to the map please? I am in Ynyswen, SA9


Hi Sionned! I would like to be added to the Google Map please! I am located in Celina, TX, US, 75009. Diolch!


Helo! On week four of the 6 month course- an exile living near Ealing Common, London
Can I be on the map please :grimacing:


Hi Sionned, pls can you add me to the map.

Postcode SK22 3AR Hague bar, near New Mills👍


I’m in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (I’m learning, currently on the first set of challenges).


Hi, please add me to the map! I live in Newcastle under Lyme, next to Stoke on Trent. On challenge 23 of level 1 at the moment. Diolch


Hi Sionned! Could I please be added to the map, I live in Adelaide, Australia 5070 diolch!


Hi, I live in Chesham. I am half way through the 6 month intensive course. Would you like to meet up to practise speaking Welsh sometime? Do you know of any other Welsh speakers in the area?


Hi Mhairi

Thanks for your message. I’m in Kings Langley so not far. Yes I would like to meet up and practice but I have to be honest I am very slow and have only just reached challenge 12 so might not be that helpful for you (yet!)

Best, Emilie


Hi, could you please add me to the map? I’m in Rillaar, Belgium. Thanks a lot! Sabine


Hi, Sabine! I’ll be delighted to add yopu to the map. I’m traveling for the next 8 or 9 days, but will do so as soon as I get home!


I’m in Perth, Western Australia (up a bit from the bottom left corner!)


I used to live in Perth - in Nollamara, and I still have family living there :slight_smile:


small world! Are you happy to be back in Wales?