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The 'Please add me to the SSiW map' thread 🗺


Please add me - I’m in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England - thanks!


Hi! Please add me to the map. I’m in Macau, China.




Now you’ve done it, Joe! I’ve been trying to chat with people in Welsh in as many different countries as possible, and i haven’t spoken to anyone in China yet! If you fancy a little chat via the Slack WSP group or on Skype, let me know!


Hello Sionned, please can you add me to the map? I’m in Clitheroe, Lancashire (BB7 2RQ).

Diolch yn fawr!



Hello! Please add me to the map! Lompoc, California


Helo Sionned, please could you add me to the map? I’m in Cranleigh, Surrey. Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Could i added too please? Im in Sheffield, England


Thanks to everyone who posts a new location. I’ve added everyone to here, and I would remind you all that if you go to find your marker and would like its location moved - even if it’s only “move west two blocks” or something similar - I’m happy to make such adjustments. Just let me know.


Hi! Could you also add me to the map? I live in Nuremberg, Germany. Thanks a lot for your work!


Please can you add me to the SSiW map? I’ve been living in Bangor, Wales, but am from Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA), dunno if I’m allowed to be two places at once :joy: I’m back and forth between the two places…


No problem. You aren’t the first person who divides time between two locations!


Diolch! Wastad yn cymhlethu petha :joy:


Hello Sionned, can you please add me to the map? I’m in the US - Round Rock, Texas. Diolch!


Please add me to the map.

I am in Wrecsam
LL13 9TZ



Hi Sionned, I’m in Wormley, Surrey - GU8 5UY.


Hi Sionned.
I wonder if I can be added to the map. I’ve been with SSIW since 2014 and I notice my friend Libby on the map in a similar location.
My location is Australia, South Australia, Normanville. Normanville is just across the peninsula opposite Libby’s location of Victor Harbor.
I’m not sure if this will even reach you as the thread seems almost as dated as me.
Thank you for what you do on the site.



Could I be added to the map please?

SA32 8EP



Of course you can be added to the map! (And you too, Jeff.) I may get delayed a day or two sometimes if I’m really busy with other stuff, but I’ll always add anyone who posts here. It seems to go in spurts. Someone sees a new post on this thread and thinks “Oh I should do that!” Will go do these right now. You can tell when I’ve added it because I will “like” your post; if anyone wants their marker location adjusted - even if you want to “move it two houses west” - I’m happy to do that as well. Just let me know.


Hi Sionned

I would love to be added to the Rest Of The World Map when you have a moment.


Gareth Morrell
Dobbs Ferry NY, 10522


Hi, Gareth! Apologies for taking a little extra long to get you on the map, but you’re there now! (I’ve spent the last few days dealing with a computer crisis; much better now!)