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The 'Please add me to the SSiW map' thread 🗺


Diolch, Sioned! It is, but not a patch on Wales :wink:


Gallech chi adio i fi i’r map plîs, Abergorlech, Sir Gâr. SA32 7BJ.


I’m in the Belly of the Beast,Washington DC, zip code 20009. please add me to the map!


Hi, I live in Vienna, Austria. Please add me to the map!


Hi Sioned,

Can you add me to Troon in the SW of Scotland




I think that would be 43.705340, -79.246566 ! :slight_smile: you appeared to have moved :wink:


Hi, can I be added, please?

Penketh, WA5 2JN



Can you add me please? Wadhurst, East Sussex. Diolch!


Shwmae! I live in Bonn, Germany. Please could you add me to the map? Diolch!


Please could you add me to the map. I live in Portsmouth, England. It would be fantastic to meet up with local learners (face time)
Diolch yn fawr
Tina- Deborah


Hi Sionned,

Could you add me to the map as well please. I’m at KY12 0QT in Dunfermline, Scotland.

Also one quick question if I could please. Most folk have a locator pin for the position but some have what looks like a cocktail glass (sorry that’s what it looks like to me :slight_smile: ) and I’ve noticed that a fellow SSiWer is not that far from me but with this as a locator, just wondering if I do have a fellow Welsh learner in my area.

Diolch yn Fawr



Thanks, Nick. I’ve added your marker to the map.

As to the cocktail glasses (yes, that is what they were), those are a holdover from the old forum. But have no fear, a cocktail glass will still be someone who is (or was) a Welsh learner.

At the time, it was easy to tell who was a paid member and who was not; those with paid membership were allowed “entrance” into a “member’s lounge” of sorts. Those people were noted on the map with the cocktail glass. Once we moved to the current forum, it was not so easy to tell (and we no longer have a “private lounge”), plus we have far more variation in membership levels. So we stopped using them. I should probably go back and change all of the hundreds of cocktail glasses to regular markers, but …


Diolch Sionned! much appreciated!


Helo Sioned please put me on the learners map…Barmouth, North Wales to the left of Dolgellau & below Harlech. Diolch.


Helo Sionned,

Very new learner here, but please can you add me to the Learners map? I live in High Wycombe, HP13 7NR

Diolch yn fawr



Haia Sionned
Please add me to the map: Great Torrington, North Devon, EX38
There’s a marker for Scarletine just a few miles away and one for Martyjay in Bideford, but I can’t see how to contact either of them. If I put either name into the Search, it comes up with “no results”. Any ideas?
Diolch yn fawr iawn.


Hi Sionned,
Please add me to the map! Cranston, Rhode Island! (I’ll be the first RI dot!)



Allai rhywun yn ychwanegu fy lleoliadau hefyd?
Griffithstown, Pontypool, Torfaen ac
Krutenau, Strasbwrg, Ffrainc 67000


Hi Sioned, could you add me to the map please - Church Stretton (SY6 6DX) in Shropshire between Shrewsbury and Ludlow. I know one other learner here and between us we’ve noticed a few other people in the area including a Shrewsbury online chat group, but don’t really know if there are others too.


Hi Sioned. Feel free to add me to the map. Adelaide, South Australia.