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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


yes and no. some people may not pronounce it and some people would. There is (I think) slightly more emphasis implied by pronouncing it.


And am I right in thinking it ‘should’ (for certain values of ‘should’) be ei bobl o? :slight_smile:


Well, “e” is the southern equivalent to the northern “o”, so I think either one would correctly say “his people.”


I think “Ef” is the literary form (not O or Fo)


Hm. Maybe I shouldn’t have mixed mildly unfunny South Welsh/North Welsh teasing about the ‘right’ form with my genuine question, if I wanted not to muddy the waters… My bad!


You do hear ef a lot in old hymns like Rachie and lots of old Chapel stuff, partly I think because it rhymes with nef and also because it sounds good when read by a certain sort of person in that sort of a setting.

P.S. you might be interested in this on the origins and evolution of efe/efo/fe/fo sort of things


Ef is definitely formal/literary. Not natural in normal unaffected speech.


On an invitation card in Welsh, would you put “RSVP” or is there an accepted Welsh version of that?



There is a Welsh version. I can’t remember what it is though. Anyone else?

I think its somthing like
Atebwech yn fuan os gwelwch yn dda. But thats just a freestyle version.


I’ve seen Welsh invitations that just go with RSVP (well, it’s not English anyway, is it! :wink: )
I don’t know if there’s an equivalent abbreviation but you could say “Gofynnir ichwi ateb os gwelwch yn dda”.


With @JohnYoung and @siaronjames replies, abbreviations could be
Atebwech yn fuan os gwelwch yn dda - AFOGYD
Gofynnir ichwi ateb os gwelwch yn dda - GIAGYD

Hmm, maybe just say 'ffoniwch plis" or FP :rofl:


I often get the abbreviation o.g.y.dd for os gwelwch yn dda in emails. Took me ages to work out what it was when I first came across it!


Diolch yn fawr, @siaronjames, @delawarejones, @JohnYoung, am eich atebion.


Same here for “ayyb” (“ac yn y blaen” or “etc”).


Bore da!

So, I just downloaded the SSiWelsh app because I want to keep on learning and I’m more into phones than laptops. I just noticed, that when I tried a lesson, there isn’t a button or anything that might show the vocabulary list (like the one you use on the SSiW website) for the lesson, is this true or am I just blind? ;-; seeing the words in the vocabulary list is very helpful, as it can also help me in spelling, and so I know what I’m trying to pronounce, rather than just repeating back what they said without any clue.

Oh, and I just downloaded Duolingo, is it good to learn Welsh there while also using the SSiWelsh app?



Helo, Lean!
On iOS app, when you’re “in” the lesson (that means you see the player, not the list of all lessons of that level) you click on a red cartoon ballon-like icon on the top right and you get the vocabulary list.

On Android app, to be honest I can’t remember where it is and can’t find it myself now, sorry!

As for Duolingo question…do you mean following both Duolingo and SSiW at the same time? If so, I’ve heard quite a few people doing it, so I guess you can try!
I did for a short while in the beginning but then found out Duolingo wasn’t very effective for me and I quit, but I guess experimenting a bit is the best because everyone’s different! :slight_smile:


Hi! I have the Android app, but I must say that I haven’t noticed any options for the vocab. If you open the browser instead, that option is still open to you on your phone…


I love the app but really wish i could use it with out the intro song. The tune is an earwig and has begun to set off echoes of Aerosmith… Simply horrified. Please make the intro song stop before i stop using your otherwise really useful and super awsome language app. Thank you. LjM


You could always fast forward into the lesson by 12 seconds or have the sound turned off for the first 12 seconds or stick your fingers in your ears/take your headphones/earbuds off/out for the first 12 seconds or scream loud enough to drown it out for the first 12 seconds.


Steven sayz: “Don’t blame the app, accept you you’re just haunted by my charme (and our sticky riffs)”

p.s. I’m assuming you’re doing Level 1. Level 2 and 3 have a different intro, by the way.