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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


Well thank you very much - anything without alcohol will be fine (which includes dŵr wedi’i berwi :wink: )


Wahoo! I’ve been listening to a lot of Welsh music and the various song lyrics left me with the impression that “fel hyn” would be "like this… " I’m not quite finished with Level 1 so I’ve only been introduced to hynny so far. Thanks for confirming my suspicion - no more forgetting to look up the answer. You rock @siaronjames!


cymeradwyo vs argymell

Is there a difference? I occasionally try to draft some stuff for work in Welsh for practice, and the wonderful translators here indulge me by checking and correcting all the mistakes. The latest document from the translators had altered the verb in “books recommended for your course” from “cymeradwyo” to “argymell”. I’d like to understand why so I can get it right next time. Diolch yn fawr, bawb!


There is a subtle difference (which English doesn’t have because it uses the same word - recommended - for both occasions).
Cymeradwyo is more in the sense of approval - recommending a person or thing (such as a hotel for instance) by saying they’re acceptable.
Argymell is more in the sense of proposal - recommending something by offering advice.

I hope that makes sense!


It does! Thank you. I’ll file it in the box with gwybod/nabod - verbs that are distinct in Welsh, but not in English.


It might give a clue if I quote from Anthem Scarlets “Sosban fach yn berwi ar y tân” :smile:


Adding to @siaronjames 's answer the word cymeradwyo can also mean applaud as in “Cymeradwyodd y dorf yn uchel …” (The crowd applauded loudly).


…well applause is approval after all! :wink: (the crowd approved loudly! :joy:)


Of course, I never thought of it like that. So obvious when it’s pointed out.


Ydy “hir yn byw’r Gymraeg!” yn gywir? for Long live the welsh language! ??


I’ve heard "hir oes i … " so “Hir oes i’r Gymraeg!” maybe.


Ahhh diolch. Dw i wedi trio dweud rhywbeth like “Vive La France!” yn Gymraeg! :grinning:


“Bydded i’r hen iaith barhau!”

Long may the old language continue.

As per the national anthem! :wink:


Cymru am byth!


@siaronjames THAT’s EXACTLY the sort of thing I was looking for! Llewar o ddiolch! :nerd_face: :grinning:


@rich I like that too lol. Wales forever?! :smiley:


Yes, traditionally a war cry I believe! …just sporting occasions/ competitive situations now! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


How to say "I have got ( a cat, a dog etc) in chatty North Welsh. I revert back to school learned “Mae gennyf fi” and I know it’s not that. Tell me and I’ll practice the modern equivalent all day and all night till it rolls off the tongue as though I’d never been to school :slight_smile:
Because I’m in Australia I can’t just pop out and ask the neighbours :smiley:
Diolch yn fawr


The spoken form is actually quite close – Mae gen i, and some people say Mae genna i, which is even closer to the “school form” :slight_smile:


Diolch Hendrik :slight_smile: