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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


Hi Sarah

That would be great to practise with each other. I’m doing North but if you’re happy with that we can arrange a time.

Let me know.

Kind regards



This fabulous message from Bronwen may be of interest to some of you in this thread…


Hi Ruth, great! I’ve just got to work out how to use Sound Cloud and I’ll get my sentences done.

Speak soon,



Hello I need a listener please.


I sent you a private message!


Thank you Bronwen I’d like to practice. I’ve sent a message I hope it’s in the right place.


I would be grateful for someone to listen to my sentences for challenge 19 level 1. If I have to DM you can you tell me please what that means and how I do it. Diolch yn fawr


To DM (direct message - also called PM, private message) someone, click on their picture and then click on the blue “message” button at the top right and write your message. The forum is open and searchable to anyone whereas DM/PMs are only between the people involved, so much safer for discussing phone numbers, emails, etc. :slight_smile:

PS - when you receive a DM/PM, a green dot appears next to your picture in the top bar - click on your picture, and then on the little grey envelope icon to see your messages.


Noswaith dda pawb. I’m looking for someone to listen to my practice sentences from the Week 20 exercise. I’m just finishing Level 1 but only now finding the time (and confidence to be honest) to try these out. I can use Zoom or Teams if anyone is available to help. Diolch.


Hi @neil-bowen

Are you signed up to Welsh Speaking Practice on Slack?.. As there will probably be others in your exact situation looking for partners.

If not send email to with WSP in the title and you’ll get an invite.

However, I’m happy to chat with anyone who is short of a partner.

Rich :slight_smile:


Great. Just let me know when you’re ready to start.



Hi Rich,
Many thanks for the reply. I think I’ve found someone now and I’m messaging them this evening. Is there a Welsh Speaking Practice group on Slack and if so how can I sign up to it. I’m trying to increase my time spent speaking Welsh with others as this is the one thing that I’m finding it difficult to get going at the moment.


Hi @neil-bowen

No problem - yes, there is - just ping an email to with WSP in the title and you’ll get an invite to join.

Rich :slight_smile:


Cheers Rich, will do. Many thanks for your time and your help.


Hello from South Gower. Few Welsh speakers here, so I’d be grateful if someone could listen to my attempts! I am also happy to listen to other people’s efforts… Look forward to hearing from someone. All the best Andrew


Hello Andrew
I’m also looking for a partner



That’s great! Hall we talk this week then?


Hi Andrew

That’ll be fine,
Any ideas on how do we go about it - phone, skype or something else?



Hi Norman. Are you ok to use zoom? Andrew


Hi Andrew

Shouldn’t be a problem