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Gwenno is playing the newly opened Ty Pawb in Wrecsam on 7th April.

Focus Wales also has some terrific Welsh bands including Trial of Cato wh play the Old No. 7 Bar on High Street Wrecsam on 10th May.

Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files

I should have said the Gwenno gig on 7th April is free!


Yn cyflwyno arlwy o gerddoriaeth newydd diddorol a chyfareddol o Gymru, gyda’r prif berfformiad gan enillydd Gwobr Gerddoriaeth Gymreig, GWENNO, “gweledydd awyrgylch a gweadwaith synth-pop” - PITCHFORK

Presenting a line up of intriguing and bewitching new music from Wales, headlined by Welsh Music Prize winner GWENNO “a visionary of synth-pop moods and textures.” - PITCHFORK

4.30pm - 10pm, Tŷ Pawb
Am ddim / Free

Seazoo​ | Eitha Da | Cull​ | SpitBucket​ | Hood Flair​ | Someperson.​ | Cy Humphreys​


  1. Trawsnewidiad, trawsffurfiad, newid o un cyflwr, lle, i un arall, cyfnewidiad


  1. Make a marked change in the form, nature, or appearance of



So wish I could get to that Gwenno gig. Am ddim too - lucky people of Wrecsam!


I always seem to find out about live gigs after they’ve happened! Apart from keeping an eye on this thread, or searching individual band websites, how else do people find out about Welsh language events?

Can anyone recommend any event listing type websites specifically listing upcoming Welsh language music events/gigs?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I hope it’s OK with you @Gog, but I’ve moved your messages to a new thread.

You inspired me to start a new thread, which is dedicated to giving out information about Welsh gigs! Thank you for your comprehensive information, it’s fabulous and will definitely help members like @warrendavies to find events before they happen! Diolch! :slight_smile:


There’s list by Radio Cymru - but it’s not as comprehensive as one would like it to be…

Also see @robbruce 's post here regarding Eisteddfod gigs…


Thanks @CatrinLliarJones - should be a really useful thread!

I’ve seen a ‘Welsh Music Events’ group on Facebook, but it seems very cluttered, with lots of re-posts/bumps about the same gigs. This could become a much better resource. :slight_smile: :+1:


@catrinlliarjones…no problem moving my post. Just hope it gets people interested and going. Ty Pawb is a new arts hub and advertising hasn’t been great but more and more people are sharing information and using social media, do I hope the gig gets good support


If you use Twitter you can follow Hansh and get a weekly Gigiadur from the lovely Heledd HMS Morris:



Waw! Who is going?


the awesome, legendary anweledig are back!! along with a whole host of young, exciting bands, including my other favourites, brechiau hir…july 14th, blaenau ffestiniog.

i already have my ticket!


Great to see the return of Gŵyl y Car Gwyllt. Superb! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’d love to go, but for lots of reasons I can’t. :disappointed:


The gig / beer festival to launch ticket sales for Sesiwn Fawr in Dolgellau (in July) is THIS WEEKEND.



I was shocked, shocked to discover that this hasn’t sold out. It’s on Friday. Come on Cardiff people! :slight_smile:


Unbelievable. I’m going, are you? is anyone else? Can we organise something SSIWy for peeps who don’t know each other yet / gig buddying?