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two weeks after I start a job in cardiff - I think I’ll be going to this!


I gets better, Martin. This is just the first evening of the Tafwyl fair - which is being expanded to three days this year - so there will be more on the Saturday and Sunday! :slight_smile:


Awesome - just that lineup alone is packed with bands and artists I’ve wanted to see for ages. What’s really good about it is that it has prompted my brother, his partner, and my girlfriend to learn some welsh because they hadn’t heard any welsh language music before and commented positively: “I thought it was just all folk stuff”!


Anyone know if Tafwyl is open air? I love all those bands, but tend to find electronic sounds aren’t so great in the open air.


Yes it is. In the Castle bailey.


oh ok thanks! I might wait til i see them in smaller venues, and preferably a bit nearer to me!




Line up for MaesB has just been unveiled. Though not where it’s going to be, obviously. :wink:


A series of gigs in Scotland and England. More to come, apparently.


The Vitoria in Dalston is a really good venue…I’d be there if it wasn’t for the fact I will be living down in Cardiff!



Gigs Bach y Fro yn cyflwyno noson o gerddoriaeth yng nghwmni…

Al Lewis

Nos Wener Mai 24ain
Park Hotel, Y Barri
Drysau’n agor 8pm

Tocynnau: £8
Archebwch ar-lein yma

neu cysylltwch â / 029 20689888