Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files


That’ll be fun for sure. Someone should tell Adwaith there’s a market for their sound in the US. I don’t do social media, otherwise I’d post to their Twitter account. I would love to see them live, but I won’t be getting to Wales anytime soon. Probably easier for them to come to the US for now. :smile:

They’ll probably have to translate into Saes, but I think they could do well here. In fact, this Philadelphia radio station first played Of Monsters to Men in the United States and helped launched their career in the US.


As one of quite “hen” here I can assure you, @brynle, prety sure that this particular thread is only for music either video or audio one, but as @delawarejones says, you can always start a new thread with such a theme, but if I would you I’d first cruise around the site a bit and use search engine in case something you would like to start on is actually there somewhere already.

Pob lwc!

Tatjana :slight_smile:


They do have quite a few English songs, but most of the stuff they’ve released so far has been in Welsh.




Have they published any English songs on line? I’ve only found caneuon Cymraeg.


Just to let you know, Siân Richards from Swansea will have her new song Adref featured as Track y Wythnos next week on Radio Cymru. She is quite young, but gaining confidence. My wife Glenda, and I went to see her some time ago, and she is a really nice person.
Anyway, , she will be interviewed on Swansea Sound (English language radio, for anyone local) this evening (Sunday 07.10.2018) at 7PM and also on Radio Cymru I think tomorrow (Monday 08.10.2018) at 15:40 UK times.


Update. No sorry it actually seems to be Welsh language. Can that be right?


Explaining that you come from Wales, when abroad. :joy:



The most sarcastic song ever written: https://soundcloud.com/libertinorecords/adwaith-femme


Ah, yes. I had forgotten Femme. Diolch, RobBruce.


I’m listening to the new Adwaith LP entitled “Melyn” that was released today. It’s really good and I think only gets better considering the singles were brilliant. Instantly preordered the vinyl from Libertino Records and can’t wait for that to arrive. I also can’t wait to see them support Gwenno in Islington next week. Check it out!


Welsh language track in The Joy Formidable’s latest album. I saw these guys in Clwb Ifor Bach a few months ago. They were great.


Ywain Gwynedd - Ddoe a Heddiw - Past and present

Dros ddeng mlynedd yn ôl - Over ten years ago


Rŵan - Now


moroedd gan blind wilkie macenroe (enw da!)

moroedd, from blind wilkie macenroe…(great name!)

gret cael clywed swn wahannol.
great to hear a fresh sound.


That song reminds me of early Sting. Quick tempo but the vocal track is much slower and sometimes quieter than the music. Diolch am rhannu (thank you for sharing).


croeso! yeah, it’s lovely isn’t it, nicely layered.


Mr - namely Mark out of y Cyrff etc. This is class.