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I think, “Hey!”, the new single from Adwaith is an absolute belter.


Does anyone know the name of the welsh version of " I don’t want to talk about it" I heard it on Radio Cymru but don’t know how to find it. I have tried googling I dont want to talk about it cymraeg/welsh and so on.


If you have the BBC Sounds app, it usually lists the tracks played on each show. That may work if you know when you heard the song.


Just uploaded this:



Thank you that’s amazing. When I was young I adored the album Idlewild and I don’t want to talk about it was on it. A few years later, I heard Rod Stewart singing it in a place that I worked and I thought he was doing a cover of it cos maybe he had reached the end of his career haha. It wasnt until some years later I found out it was actually his song first.


My English co workers are complaining about me playing welsh songs in the office. They will compromise if I play English songs that have had the lyrics changed to welsh. I have found five so far and started a play list on youtube. This is the link to what I have so far.


Unreasonable! :smile:

Edited to add: Here’s one, though unfortunately it’s not on YouTube.


I was listening to Radyo an Gernewegva, a Cornish language radio show, and they’d been talking about their visit to the Welsh Eisteddfod and so played a Welsh song after:

I really like it! It kind of reminds me of The Decemberists.


Does any know and like Ela Hughes? I heard one of her songs on Keeping Faith/Un Bore Mercher I wish I could get the song from series two but can’t.

This is the song from the series heard it in English first the other in Welsh but not available anywhere and I don’t know the name it being yn Gymraeg
Update: I found the soundtrack finally on Spotify
Not on YouTube.


Hmm, English songs translated to Welsh. Let me comb through my playlist…
It suddenly occurs to me that a lot of the covers in my Welsh playlist are hymns. :laughing:

Pererin Wyf- Amazing Grace
Make You Feel My Love (English/ Welsh)
Stand By Me (English/ Welsh)
Mor Fawr Wyt Ti- How Great Thou Art
Mae D’Eisiau Di Bob Awr- I Need Thee Every Hour
Y Caeau Aur- Fields of Gold
Arglwydd, Dyma Fi- I Am Coming, Lord


Not sure where else to put this, so I’ll just popty ping it right here. From S4C Comedi…


Thank you for these. I’ve added a couple. I think if I start playing hymns in any language I might tip them over the edge. :slight_smile:



Faith’s Song was written by Amy Wadge - you can find her on You Tube. If I knew how to attach a clip I would!


Don’t know if you’ve had any luck yet. I’ve tried a few times with my fledgling Cymraeg and this is what I’ve come up with so far:

Mae na le i ni
Rhywle mae lle i ni
Hedd tawelwch a ll… rhydd
(Syth ymlaen?) rywbryd

Mae na awr i ni
Rhywddydd … awr i ni
… (ein) gilydd …

Rhywddydd, rhywle

… i fwy bywyd newydd


Sorry, best I can do and probably very wrong!
BTW, the song was composed for West Side Story (1957) - music Leonard Bernstein, lyrics Stephen Sondheim


I knew that one thanks it was another one not on there but never mind


Been singing this a lot recently. In my 44-ton truck. Especially in traffic jams. Window down, belt it out. Wish you could see some of the looks I get :wink:.


Found it. Just need lyrics now.
Canu Steve/Steve’s Song


Here are the lyrics in English.
I think the chorus line is something like
Fe fydda i’n dim byd.
I haven’t tried to work out any of the rest of it yet