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Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files


This YouTube channel is a treasure trove of Welsh music. Just came across this band from the early 90s!


Check out this magnificent racket - a kind of Aberystwyth version of Eldon Terrace. Some (now) famous faces in there, too!


I don’t know who’s famous now, but very nice song!
I’ll have to look for more (if Google stops wearing me out with Dizzy Gillespie and a bunch of Spanish-language musicians)!


Here are the lyrics to the Bitw song that @robbruce posted recently.


Cymer gipolwg ar y bywyd gwell
Sy’n llechu mewn rhyw ddyfodol pell
Ac os edrychi cei weld cyn hir
Mai yn y gwirion y ceir y gwir
Yn aflonyddu ar y drwg a’r da
Sy’n cuddio yn y llefydd gwag
Rhwng y geiriau ddaw drwy dy wên
Wrth i ninnau droi yn hen

Cochi mewn cywilydd
Wedi siomi gyda’n gilydd
Does na neb arall yn gweld
Felly dewch i mewn
Cochi mewn cywilydd
Wedi siomi gyda’n gilydd
Ddaw na neb arall i fewn
Ond fe gewn ni weld
Fe gewn ni weld

Unwaith eto tu draw i’r drych
Awn ymaith am y gorllewin gwyllt
i ganfod cysgod tan y wawr
Lle i roi ein pennau lawr
Ond gwn y gwelwn pan ddown yn ôl
Nad oedd hiraeth ar ein hôl
Heb gynulleidfa i gelu’n dawn
Siom ar yr ochr iawn


They released an album back in 2005ish. I think it may have been on Spotify at one stage, but I don’t use streaming services, so I wouldn’t know about the current situation. Be aware that this is probably their best song!
This is the viola player, btw -


Oh, I thought someone had kept on playing in now more known bands. :smiley:

Looks like the record is on Spotify for subscribers. But I don’t use those services either, so I can’t hear it!

I actually do buy digital version of records when they’re too expensive or complicated or even impossible to get on vinyl or CD…but it doesn’t seem available that way. And if you say other songs might not be that good…never mind.


And this is the keyboard player:



I’ve been given a compilation cd ‘tan y cownter 2’ and I really like some of the songs so I’ve been unsuccessfully hunting for the lyrics on internet. Because the CD is so old the website given just links to a page that looks like a Japanese or Mandarin advert for a private surgery! I’ve tried searching under the individual band and song names too, without luck. I don’t suppose anyone out there happens to have them?



For now you’ll need to click on the link below, sorry. Can Rob or anyone explain how I embed a link please?

I love this song by Alys Williams, and just heard on Radio Cymru that it was originally by Big Leaves :slight_smile:


I followed the link then switched to the youtube version, copied the link and pasted it here.


Ah thanks, Siaron. Ti’n seren /you’re a star!
If anyone want’s a translation there’s one on a YouTube version of Alys Williams singing it.



Synfyfyrio - to Muse/Meditate ???




heb gael ei werthfawrogi ddigon/ bit under-rated I reckon


Hoff emyn Richard Burton/'s Favourite hymn


There’s a live version of that -

Lots of familiar faces!