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Over the weekend, I bumped into Dyl Mei, the Radio Cymru producer and sometime “character” on Tudur Owen’s show. We hadn’t spoken for some time, and he was kind enough to tell me that he still considered my YouTube channel to be the ‘go-to’ resource for classic performances.

This is the track he singled out as his current favourite. I’ve almost certainly posted it before, but this thread is now so long, that a bit of re-posting of old classics is probably in order anyway.:slight_smile:

The song was later included on Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog’s third album Draw Dros y Mynydd.





Yesterday at Rhys Mwyn I discovered this song I like (I don’t know how to search this thread, sorry if it’s been posted before)

Angladd Huwcyn - Blanced Oren


If you haven’t already come across the words by now @brynle here’s a link to them


Diolch o galon! Thanks hugely :smiley:


Bob Delyn a’r Ebillion - 'Dolig Del


Elis Derby (seems to have dropped the ‘shire’ from the end of his name for brevity) has been around for a while. He used to be the singer and songwriter in the band Chwalfa.


Sadly, my tad-cu/ grandfather died at the end of Christmas day … although we aren’t playing this song below at his funeral, I was reminded of it by events

Llef is THE Welsh language funeral song played at many funerals - although I haven’t heard it played at funerals since the 1990s personally


Ei hoff ganwr oedd David Lloyd … was his favourite singer


Truly Marvellous Song - choir and tenor - both! … “Once again in dear old Wales” (Unwaith eto’n Nghymru annwyl)


I thought I recognised that image. We have the actual LP :slight_smile:
(The World of Wales in Song)





Al Lewis and Kizzy Crawford.


This is a song by Plethyn called Lawr y Lôn which I love.

This is also a version of Lawr y Lôn covered by a band from the US called Moonshine Jelly, who are passionate about the ancient celtic languages.