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Gŵyl Lleisiau Eraill - Aberteifi / Other Voices Festival - Cardigan

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Here you go. Specially for dydd Santes Dwynwen



I heard a song on radio cymru today that’s called ‘Wyt ti’n mynd i ada’. According to my translator it means ‘Are you going to leave’ but I can’t find ‘Ada’ in my dictionary. Anyone know where that comes from? Thanks


Was it Meinir Gwilym singing “Wyt ti’n mynd i adael”?


Diolch Siaron. What I meant was where does the. word “Ada” come from. It’s a pleasant song but not my cup or tea… Oh ignore me. Just read your reply properly


I heard this being sung on Gwesty Aduniad last night (towards the end):
Weithiau pan maer gwynt yn chwythu mewn o’r mor
Weirhiau pan y tonnau…
I have heard it before, lovely tune, but have no idea of the song title or artist. Can anyone identify it please? Diolch yn fawr


Nesdi Jones - Deud y Gwir

Singing in Welsh and Punjabi, this is a quite different from the folk/blues/rock music I usually listen to, but I like it!


Heard this playing on Radio Cymru this morning! Thanks @Hendrik I don’t have to go searching for it now. Unusual but I liked it too. Reminded me of an amazing Bhangra dance class I went to a few times -never laughed or sweated so much. Maybe a new keep fit trend waiting to happen - Welsh-Bhangra dance classes coming …to bwtcamp maybe!




my new favourire song. The whole Tonau album, from whence this came, is beautiful.