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Any big recommendations for pop/punk/ska yn gymraeg?
Diolch :slight_smile:


There are plenty, but personally I’d maybe start with the bands Anweledig and Anrhefn.
If you listen in to Rhys Mwyn’s show on Radio Cymru on Mondays, he plays great stuff on there.






I liked this gentle song (Lili’r Wyddfa) AND I could understand it, which was a real shot in the arm.


Seems fitting for today.
(I was going to post the Welsh flag emoticon, but I can’t find it in the list. How ironic is it that we seem to be missing that one?)


If only I could still fit into those trousers. :disappointed::joy:


You think you’ve got problems @siaronjames … I can’t sing!


I’ ve got some Welsh folk songs from Spotify:

I download this playlist to my MP3 player via an Audfree Spotify converter( for offline listening. It is quite helpful to learn the Welsh language.



The song was written by Alun ‘Sbardun’ Huws and features on the tribute collection Rhwng y Môr a’r Mynydd.


Diolch yn fawr @robbruce





In shameless self-promotion corner today, I’m pleased to reveal that I will be responsible for tonight’s (12th March) Mix Gwaith Cartref on Huw Stephens’s Radio Cymru show. 40ish minutes of classics ancient and modern, mixed into one big stwnsh by my own fair hand (OK, I used beat and key matching software, too).
Tune in the for the whole show at 7 or (if you can’t manage all of it) for just my bit at 9.




i like this track