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What are your favourite words in Welsh?


What are your favourite words in Welsh?

I’m not sure whether I have one but I can imagine lots of other people do, and it would be interesting to see what others say!

Favourite words/phrases
Favourite words/phrases

My favourite word is dychmygu ( imagine ) because of the sound, because of the meaning and because of the special memories attached to it: I managed to ask "how do you say like when you are dreaming but awake " all yn gymraeg and @Deborah-SSiW managed to know what word I was looking for and hey presto – the magic of bootcamp learning words for concepts.


Mine is diddorol because I think it has much more the ‘feel’ of ‘interesting’ than ‘interesting’ does! “Di ddor ol!” yum! :interrobang:


Mine is sgwarnog (hare), simply because I love the feeling of the ‘r’ in the middle rolling around on my tongue when I say it :smile:


Ymddiheuro and sylweddoli are two I like.

(Partly perhaps because I’m always realising I’ve done something I have to apologise for, and as an Englishman, I spend half my life apologising, but mostly it’s just the sound of the alternating vowel sounds or something).


I like ‘sbensh’, for cupboard under the stairs. Just one of those words that makes me smile.:grinning:
Edited to apologise for spelling… I like the sound of it but when it came to writing it down, I didn’t know where to go!:fearful:


I quite like drewllyd stinky :slight_smile:


Chwerw! I can only ever remember the Welsh for chwerw, and whenever I have to say it in another language I still say chwerw and people sort of get it I think.

(it’s bitter in English, just looked it up from ap geiriaduron :smile:)

Also have to agree with @cat-1 about sbensh!


Canolbwyntio (concentrate) :smile:


Mine is pob man or yn mhobman, as it sounds charming to my ears…something like, hey, ‘Bob, man!’ :wink:


I feel sorry for his less intelligent friend, Bob Dim. :slight_smile:


:joy::joy::joy: Oh, that’s brilliant, the Welsh Laurel and Hardy - Pob Man ac Bob Dim! Does bob dim mean ‘everywhere’?


“everything” (in the sense of “every single thing”, I think Aran said.


I will certainly NEVER forget these ‘bob - words’! :nerd::joy::wink:


We called the cupboard under the stairs y cwtsh, like the cuddle of the same name. It may be local but not sure if Swansea or Pontypool!


“cwtsh” as experienced with my granddaughter, grandson and, if I’m iucky, with my wife. :smile:


@hewrop you are one of the most cwtshable people I know :smile:


I originally heard ‘sbensh’ on Ar Lafar. Ifor ap Glyn, in this particular episode, was in Bala, looking for language particular to that area and one of the school kids also used ‘cwtch’ to mean cupboard under the stairs. Far from Abertawe, but it may have travelled with his family.
I love the word ‘cwtch’ too!


hyfryd - a word that has a lovely sound to match its meaning


Pendramwnwgl… which also happens to be the name of the first ‘our song’ that Catrin and I had… :slight_smile: