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What are your favourite words in Welsh?


Would that possibly be Morwrol? :wink: :slight_smile:


:joy: indeed it would - but when it mutates it sounds much more fun somehow. So does that qualify as a word in it’s own right in that case? Maybe not.


I think as an adjective it would be preceded by ‘yn’ so nearly always ‘forwrol’ but as everyone knows I am most definitely not the go to grammar guy.


Possibly, it just sounded like hoovero, as in to hoover.


It’s so hard to set one off on its own… But I love using any of the following on a regular basis.

Sylweddoli - realise. Sounds very classy and unlearner like…
Dychmygu - imagine. I somehow use this in about 90% of my sentences!
Cael - means ‘about 90% of the dictionary’ I love cael… It’s just so flexible and it pops up everywhere


My tiwtor has a “hwfr” so I’m just guessing. :grin:

I’m also rather fond of “twmpathau”. It sounds so much better in describing them than the English word “humps”


I like this one, too.

I also like penderfynu . :slight_smile:


And both of these can easily be turned into an adjective and noun, respectively, e.g.

“penderfyniad sylweddol” - “significant decision”.

(when I first heard “sylweddol”, I guessed it must mean “realistic” - it doesn’t, although it’s kind of related. “realistig or realaidd” are boringly like the English. There is also “ymarferol” (in the sense of “practical”)).


Dychmygu is brilliant, I like it a lot.


How about:

Cysylltwch - please contact.


Another I like is grog (Crog). It was a Welsh Word of the Day, but I already liked it before that; honest:
Seneddol grog for hung parliament.
Pont Grog for suspension bridge.

Incidentally, also Pont Glido for Transporter Bridge (google an image for the reason).


Ar hyn o bryd (At the moment), my favourite is “copyn” - NOT because I like spiders in any way at all, but I was just saying to my husband yesterday that I love the way Welsh words sound like what they mean, and “copyn” sounds very much to me like something horrible and sneaky that would crawl on you! :wink:


Hmm, we may need another thread for favourite phrases…:grin:


I have a new favourite word.

Move over ‘sgwarnog’, make way for ‘anhepgor’ - absolutely essential, vital. Now I have to steer conversations around to essential matters, so I can drop it into sentences.


I wanted an example in another thread and remembered mynyddydd, which I love as an example of saying the final ‘y’ differently. I used to think it meant mountains, but I gather that is mynyddoedd and that my fabourite mynyddydd is ‘mountain range’!


Ooh, lovely – I just misread it the same way, till I came here and saw this. So now I’m thinking that mynyddydd eiriog ought to do as a translation of Sierra Nevada :slight_smile:


eiriog - wordy? Did you mean eira= snowy? Or am i wrong?


Well, it’s me mining the dictionary for words, without knowing how much used they are, but it’s allegedly an adjective from eira - “snowy, snow-clad, prone to snow”.


Apparently wordy is Amleiriog - verbose or wordy but geiriog is also verbose.
Eiriog (eiraog) is snowy

So yn eiriog is both wordy and snowy.
Context being decider here


That’s a useful one, which I didn’t know. Diolch!
And perhaps an example of how wonderfully misleading Welsh can be if one is not careful. :slight_smile: