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I’ve been trying for ages to catch this fella on camera because he’s so quick, but I finally got him!
Telor y cnau - nuthatch


Good shot. They’re not easy @siaronjames & only a very occasional visitor down here in SE Wales so nice to see.
Colours from the weekend.

Purple jelly disc. Botwm jeli piws


Scarlet elf cup. Cwpan robin goch

Yellow spores. Sporau melyn. Fern. Rhedynen

Cobalt crust. Crawen las



On such a grey day (here :frowning: ), lovely to see there’s such colour out there :slightly_smiling_face: - and great, too, to see the nuthatch @siaronjames - I’m still living in hopes that I might see one some day in my garden down here in Oxford!


A good phrase for all people who would be kind enough to post here,
they often find things i don’t so it remains exciting.

Heddiw, i dechrau 2019 - Today, to start 2019.

Eirlys - snowdrops.

Cheers J.P.


Heddiw - today.

Ysguthan - woodpigeon.

Cheers J.P.


Turtur Dorchog - Collared Dove on the weather vane today. (Y Geiriadur Mawr gives Weather vane/ weather cock as Ceiliog gwynt so I reckon my version must be Eog gwynt).


It has been snowing here for three or four hours. We’re told it will continue for another 30 hours or more. I think it is going to be very deep snow!


Eirlys - snowdrops.

My mother was Eirlys Mair Jones / nee Gravelle. She really loved it when I called her “Snowdrop Mary” :smiling_imp:

The first appearance of Snowdrops followed by crocuses fills me with optimism for the new year. I particularly like the imagery in the French word for snowdrops - “Perce-neige”


Wow… that looks so beautiful… <3


We’re up to about 14" of snow and it’s still snowing. Same photo this morning, plus the view of the birdbath:


So awesome.

[Okay, I know, until you actually have to do anything or go anywhere…;-)]


Yeah, things got canceled yesterday and today. Last I looked it was still snowing but it is supposed to stop in the next two or three hours (for a total of a day and a half of snow!). We didn’t get mail yesterday or today. When I called to find out, I learned that yesterday they called back all the mail carriers in the middle of the afternoon because too many of them were getting stuck places. So today they just canceled mail delivery outright. That’s the first time I’ve ever known that to happen, and I’ve lived here pretty much all of my life! As long as the power stays on we’ll be okay.


Fingers crossed it stays organised enough for you to be able to carry on just enjoying the beauty… :slight_smile:


As this is only a couple of miles from my house. I felt it was time to pay a visit.
Bon y Maen, which I think means Base of the stone. It’s in Bonymaen village, now a district of Swansea.
You can see the Kilvey Hill TV mast on the skyline.


I should have mentioned, only the base of the stone remains. It was belived to have been placed in the Bronze Age.


On SSiW Oxford walk today in Shotover Country Park, some early hints of spring already on a south-facing slope :slightly_smiling_face: - clumps of eirlysiau (snowdrops)


Another image that I took last week, near to my home.
Mynyddbach Chapel, Swansea. Daniel James lived part of his life and was buried here. He wrote the words to Calon Lân. The chapel is now a visitor centre.


Heron / crëyr / crychydd

We’ve been surprised and delighted to see a heron landing in our garden for the past few days. Not so for Debra’s chickens who make a mad dash clucking “Oh sh*t” for the hedge to take refuge from the fearsome pterodactyl.

I haven’t worked out what attracts him/her to our garden. We have a bird feeder which draws small and medium garden birds but I can’t think they’re on a heron’s menu. We also have a small stream in the garden but with no fish and, at this time of year, no amphibians. There is a heronry near Cors Caron / Tregaron bog just two fields away. Any suggestions about what might be drawing him/her to us?

I’ve just missed getting a photo so far but I’ll post one if I succeed.


I remember a programme with Iolo Williams where a man was feeding a visiting heron raw sausages! Makes me think they’ll eat anything.
On amphibians, I took this pic on Jan 7th. Looked like he was considering a plant based diet.


Just taken. Heavensfield, Northumberland. Near village of Wall (pronunced Wal). Site of battle between Wales plus Mercia against Northumbria :sweat: