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He was back today @Cetra !

…and on film too! :smiley:


Heddiw - today.

Chwilen goesdew - swollen thigh beetle.

Gastrophysa viridula (Latin name).
dw’i ddim yn gwbod enw yr cymraeg - i don’t know it’s name in Welsh.

Robin goch ifanc - young robin.

Cheers J.P,.


That beetle is well named.


Heddiw, yn fy ngardd i, Gwynonwen ( Convallaria majalis). Mae arogl hyfryd gyda nhw! Mae tywydd yn braf iawn heddiw, yn heulog ac yn gynnes.

Today, in my garden, lily of the valley. They have a lovely scent! The weather is really nice today, sunny and warm.

(sorry for the blurry close-up, only had my phone camera :blush: )


Ragged Robin, carpiog y gors, Lychnis flos-cucoli.


I spent a long time yesterday evening trying to get a decent picture of a Bee - Gwenynen in the Ceanothus (can’t find a Welsh name) but this is the best I could do.


I’ve learned two things today: 1) choose a different sort of bee - gwenynen and 2) switch off the automatic focus.


Ddoe yn Caeau Llandaf: Efwr / Common Hogweed yw ei enw Sais / Heracleum sphondylium yw eu enw Lladin.

Welais i Efwr mewn sawl ffurf / I saw hogweed in several forms.

Below: Dail Yfwr ifanc / young Hogweed leaf.

Mae gyda dial ifanc gwallt mân fel “down” (sori, sai’n gwybod y giar Cymraeg!) / The young leaves have fine hair similar to down.

Below: pen blodau gyda ymbarelau gwyn mawr / flower head with large white umbrels.

Above: pen blodau wedi mynd i hadu / flower head that has gone to seed.

Mae planhygion yn fwytadwy: dail ifanc, ac hadiau. Dw i wir yn licio casglu’r hadau sych eu defnyddio fel “cardamom” mewn curry a chawl. Mae’n nhw’n blasu fel aniseed/cardamom neu “aromatic”
The plant is edible: young leaves and seeds. I really like collecting the dry seeds and using like cardamom in curry and soup. They taste like aniseed/cardamom or “aromatic”.

Please don’t eat this unless you are 100% sure: there are several extremely poisonous lookalikes that are very easy to confuse this plant with!


Heddiw - Today.

Picwnen goch - Hornet.

Gellesgen - Yellow iris.

Blodau ysgellen y gors - Marsh thistle flower.

Chwilen ysgarlad - Cardinal beetle.
click on images for full size.

Cheers J.P.


Gwiwer lwyd yn fy ngardd heddiw :slight_smile:


Brace yourselves


Mae titw tomos las yn nythu mewn blwch nyth wrth y drws cefn :slight_smile:


Heddiw - Today.

Rosyn gwyllt - Dog rose.

Benywaidd yr ymerawdwr - Emperor dragon fly female.

Llyffant y gors - Marsh frog.

Cheers J.P.


Such as this one.
Hemlock, cegiden.
(Cegiden is the name according to “Planhegion Blodeuol, Conwydd a Rhedyn” )


Yn fy ardd ddoe…

(Diolch Ann :slight_smile:) but I realised it’s not a turturod torchog* :joy: )


No, indeed - turturod torchog are far more dainty (personal opinion) :joy:


I was looking at the picture and feeling twp :joy:


But you’ve added ysguthan and turtur dorchog to your vocab now - that can’t be bad :wink:


Indeed. have you got any closer pictures of the leaves? I haven’t seen it in my area yet (other than hemlock water dropwort)
Ooo what is that book like? I can see some second hand ones for sale online. Would you recommend it?


Sorry, I didn’t take any close-up pictures of the leaves because I wanted to show that it was an impressively large plant. (Also my phone is dodgy and my photographic skills are poor.) The leaves are fine and feathery - almost fern-like. There are lots of photos online. Maybe surprisingly, Amazon has a nice one that also shows the purple stems well.

Hemock is a common weed here (Oxfordshire).
The book is no good for identifying plants that you don’t know already. It doesn’t have pictures or a key. On the other hand, it has a comprehensive list of plant names in Latin, English and Welsh arranged by family, and then an index with names in all three languages.
I saw the copy belonging to @johnwilliams_6, and I wanted one of my own. Mine was second hand and I can’t remember where I bought it, but it might be worth trying gwales
or indeed one of the copies you have found online.