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Diolch yn fawr Sioned


Still trying to get a decent picture of a bee - gwenynen … the pyracantha looks OK though.


That’s a pretty darn good bee portrait! Our pyracanthus isn’t blooming yet. Slow spring…


Interesting photo from my brother-in-law of an uncommon lighter form of the local red squirrel in Ontario, Canada (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus - different species from the UK red squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris)

Gwiwer goch/Red squirrel


Poor little thing - the barber shaved its tufty ears!


Tarianbryf y ddraenen wen (hawthorn shield bug)
Wow that’s a tricky one. Started taking pictures when I see anything new to identify it.


Onobrychis viciifolia.
Y Godog.


Llysiau’r Gymalwst // Enw Saes i’w Ground Elder // Enw Lladin i’w Aegopodium Podagraria

I only met this plant for the first time on a forraging course back in October and haven’t seen it in flower before now, so it’s exciting to see it change. I haven’t tried the young leaves but apparently they are good in salads.


But don’t anyone try planting it in your garden - it soon becomes a pestillential weed that’s almost impossible to get rid of! :worried::


Gwenyn! Ond gwenyn sydd mynd yn araf. :slight_smile:
A sluggish bee.

A nyth aderyn efo tri adar ifanc. - And a bird’s nest with three young birds.
(Dw i ddim yn siŵr os dw i wedi ddweud beth o’n i’n trio dweud yma yn dda, felly, os unrhywun eisiau helpu fi, diolch yn fawr.)

Yn gywir,


Looks OK to me apart from numbers being usually followed by singulars rather than plurals, so ‘tri aderyn’, although I think it’s OK to use the plural if there’s an ‘o’ in the middle: ‘tri o adar’


Lovely photos!

Also, fyi, gwenyn is the plural for bee. The singular is gwenynen. It’s an odd thing in Welsh (and probably some other languages) that the word for things that are usually spoken about in large numbers - like bees in a swarm - is usually the shorter word. Another example is “bird” and “birds” - aderyn and adar respectively.


Siglen felen :slight_smile: (yellow wagtail)


I have heard that said, yes! I think I’ll leave it in the wild and just get it from there if I want some haha.


I’ve stopped putting bird food on the ground, but that hasn’t stopped this mouse - llygoden which climbed the delphinium to get to the remains of the nuts.

The tadpoles - penbwla are thriving too.


Some early morning pics from a few days ago (= can’t remember now which day it was :roll_eyes: )

Gwe pryf copyn / Spider’s web

Chwilen anadnabyddus yn cerdded dros y ddaear crasboeth / Unknown beetle walking across the parched earth (@ramblingjohn will recognise it, I’m sure :slightly_smiling_face:)

Probably Llŷg leiaf / Pygmy shrew going by length of tail and lighte underside?

Cribell felen / Yellow rattle


So many beetles leave me uncertain. (drw gen i).

Heddiw - today.

Tegeirian bera - Pyramid orchid.

Teigr ol-adain goch - Scarlet tiger moth.

Mursen cynffon las - Blue tailed damselfly.

Cheers J.P.


Ffotos gwych / great photos, J.P.! :slightly_smiling_face:


Moronen y maes / Enw Saesneg i’w Wild Carrot neu Queen Anne’s Lace / Enw Lladin i’w Daucus Carota.

Mae’r dial yn cyfansawdd wedi’u rhannu 2-3 gwaith ac edrych fel plu. Mae blew mân ar y coesyn a’r dial. Hefyd, mae gan y coesyn dial groove.

The leaves are compound leaves that are split 2-3 times and look like feathers. There are fine hairs on the stems and the leaves. Also, the leaf stem has a central groove.

Mae’r pen blodyn ar ffurf fel ‘umbrella’ ar coesyn sengl gyda blew mân. Hefyd, mae gan y wmbelau blodyn gwyn bach a phum petalau, ond weithiau, maen nhw’n edrych yn eitha pinc. Fel weloch chi, mae blodyn yn y canol yn coch tywyll neu porffor. Nodwedd allweddol y planhygyn.

The flower head is in the form of an umbrella on a single stem that has fine hairs. Also, the umbrells have small white flowers with five petals, but sometimes, they look pink. As you can see, the flower in the centre is dark red or purple. This is a key feature of the plant.

Gellir gweld y blodyn porffor canolog yn well ac hefyd mae blodyn eraill yn edrych eiatha pinc yn y llun yma.
The central purple flower can we seen better and also the other flowers look fairly pink in this picture.

Being related to the carrot, this is edible, but it is very easily mistaken for poison hemlock, which you do not want to accidentally eat. Do not put it in your mouth if you are not 100% certain!!


I was moving some large stones in my garden this morning and came across this small toad - llyffant.

There are plenty of worms and insects around, so I don’t understand why it is so thin. It seemed to be OK and crawled off under some bushes,