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Who fancies a pop-up meetup in Caerdydd? - Weds 19 Feb, 2020


SCROLL DOWN for the latest information! - Wednesday 19 Feb, 2020


Now re-reading the title, I’m wondering if “an evening meal out” doesn’t sound a bit too formal. Just as if it had to be in a fancy expensive restaurant and formal dress - or even a sort of invitation to a blind date! :rofl: :rofl:

The idea is actually more like a pop-up meetup - chatting and practicing Welsh while eating or even just drinking something, isn’t it @Deborah-SSiW? :smiley:


blind date!

How about speed-dating in Welsh? Now there’s an idea :laughing:
It could lead to our first SSiW wedding. :laughing:
Will you be coming to Aber, by the way @gisella-albertini ?


Yes, exactly. I’ve changed the title :smile:


Yes, definitely up for this. :slight_smile:


Well…I guess it might bring an increase in popularity of Welsh language learning! :grin:

As for Aber, sorry, not this time. I really want to spend as little time as possible travelling around, so speaking of Ceredigion coast, ideally in walking distance from Aberteifi!


Nice! :slight_smile:
If you have any preferences about food/location/time just let us know (here or in private message as you prefer)

p.s. sorry for the off-topic intermission of silliness with @HuwJones, but I guess one the good sides of these meetings is that they’re never too serious and boring :smile:


I can’t promise I’ll manage as I have a job interview the next day :neutral_face: But will see how prepartion goes…


Away sadly. Enjoy!


Good places on Cowbridge Road:

Calabrisella (i appreciate you may not want an Italian restaurant while on holiday, but does do great pizza)
Kimchi (Korean BBQ)
Bangkok Cafe (Thai)
Dusty Knuckle Pizza (actually Llandaff Road but that’s very close, excellent pizza, lovely restaurant run by great people)
Chapter (does pub grub, sometimes has Welsh speaking staff, good for large groups but does get busy)
Osaka (sushi and other Japanese cuisine)
The Lansdowne (on Beda Road, pub grub in a great independent pub)
Kemis (vegan/vegetarian with meat options, this is King’s Road in Pontcanna - again not far)


If you are prepared to put up with someone who is only 8-9 weeks in, then yes please. Preferably somewhere inexpensive.



Absolutely @rob-7, the more the merrier :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I am away, sorry to miss it.


Id be interested


Don’t forget there is a “ready made” Welsh learners meetup in , Canton, every Monday night from 6.30pm. It’s called Clonc yn y Cwtsh and you would be made very welcome by the regulars.


I was about to suggest that Chapter Arts Centre sounds like it might fit what you need: it’s quite large, open, and easy to have people drop in and out, and also does food. There is also St Cannas who have Welsh speaking staff (at least the bar manager!) ond Wednesday nights from 8ish they have an open mic night (which is the best Ive been to for a very long time!) Other than that there are various pubs along cowbridge rd but I’ve not get to visit them yet!
I’ll possibly be around - but I am having a tooth pulled that day so am not sure how I am going to feel!

@Deborah-SSiW @gisella-albertini - I’m sure you know about the chat groups in Cardiff on a wednesday, but if you don’t there are quite a few on a Wednesday at various places in the city:

If you scroll down there is an events calendar!


The Dusty Knuckle has now moved, but I’m not sure where, apparently up near Victoria Park. The Bone Yard/Print Haus is now going to be a set of gated luxury flats. Whole lot to be bulldozed :frowning:


True it is now the New Bone Yard near Papermill Lane (near Treganna school)


Ahh there you go - thanks for the info. I never made it to the old place even though I live literally opposite the entrance on Llandaff Rd!


It was lovely! Very sad that it’s moved but I’m sure the pizza will still be excellent :slight_smile: