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Who fancies a pop-up meetup in Caerdydd? - Weds 19 Feb, 2020


Joia Sbaen!


I can come along tonight and will aim to be there by 6:30.


Yn anfodus, mae rhaid i fi gweithio heno nawr felly dw i ddim yn gallu dod. Sori. Dw i’n gobeithio bod chi’n joio. Weld chi y tro nesaf. Vanessa


So where are people in chapter? Ive arrived (quite late) but as i dont know what people look like not sure where to go


sorry guys, my dental appointment earlier has left me still unable talk that well! Hopefully next time :slight_smile:


Well, that was good!

Diolch yn fawr iawn i Deborah a Gisella for organising.

Can we have another one please, Deborah, next time you are in Cardiff?


Very nice evening, diolch yn fawr everybody and hope to meet you again next time in Wales! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great to see the people who did manage to make it along last night, and that you found us @hillconrad215.

And we’ll see about another one next month when I’m in Caerdydd @rob-7. I’ll keep everyone posted :slight_smile:


I’m going to be in Cardiff on Monday 16th.
Does anyone fancy a meet up for a spot of Welsh practice and / or a tour of the Principality Stadium for which I have one free ticket spare .


PS the tour starts at 2pm and last one hour and 10 minutes


Hi Richard,
There’s a group of Welsh learners that meet in the House of Fraser restaurant, in the city centre, at 1pm on Mondays, and if you’re still around in the evening there’s another group that meets in Chapter Arts Centre, Canton, from 6:30pm onwards.


Thanks - see you at HOF . I wouldn’t be able to do the 6.30 one .


I’m back working in Caerdydd this coming week so it would be nice to catch up with people again in Chapter if anyone fancies a meetup there? I’ll be working during the day, but I imagine I should be able to get there by about 6pm on Wednesday, and I’ll need to eat, so I should be there tucking into food if anyone comes along :slight_smile:


Was looking forward to another meetup, but I’m sorry can’t make it this Wednesday :frowning:


Sorry to hear that Rob. The next one should be on Nov 13th if nothing changes.


I’d like to come along please! Probably nearer to 7pm after I’ve got home from work and walked the dog. How will I know you are you?


Great @beki! It will be good to meet you. I look pretty much like my photo here, though my hair has grown a bit. I’ll be wearing a sort of maroon/brown and white striped top, with an orange scarf :slight_smile:


I’m here now sitting at a long table by the wall, down towards the back doors.

And I currently have a Number 29 in front of me :smile:

Cancel that, the 29 has gone :laughing:


It was great to catch up with Austin and Katie, and to meet Beki who did a fantastic job of speaking Welsh for her first conversation! Very brave of her to come along not knowing anyone and dive into using her Welsh. :clap: :star2:


I’m in Caerdydd again this week and happy to meet up for a chat in Welsh with anyone who’d like to come along. I’ve made it Thursday this time so that someone who can’t make Wednesdays can join us. I hope that doesn’t inconvience others :worried:

Unless anyone has a better suggestion for a location, we can meet up at Chapter again. I’ll aim to be there from around 6pm.