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You know you are learning Welsh when


Here is my first ‘you know you are learning Welsh when’ moment, what are yours?

  1. When ‘u’ making an ‘i/eye’ sound seems totally normal.

You Know You ARE a Welsh Speaker When

When you see an unfamiliar English word written down and you mispronounce it by applying Welsh pronunciation rules to it!


When you see the word “does” and expect a negative statement not a question.


When you are trying to help your daughter with her French and you end up finishing the sentence in Y Gymraeg instead.


Or you see a FAMILIAR English word and mispronounce it by applying Welsh pronunciation rules :wink:


When going on a blinder becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy - or is that only for Aussies?


When you have to use a Welsh word because you can’t remember what the English word is for…


When you try to speak Deutsch and only Cymraeg words come to your mind …


When the “ll” letter combination and the word “y” in Spanish completely blows your mind …


When you take y hen gi for his daily walk and try to speak to him from start to finish in Welsh - everything from Wyt ti’n moyn mynd am dro? to Ni’n cwpla - mae e-shaynee mynd mewn!


When your husband/wife brings coffee to drink it together and he/she exclames HOFFI COFFI! … and they don’t even learn Cymraeg at all. :slight_smile:


When you start dreaming in Welsh. The weird thing is the me in my dreams can’t understand what is being said :blush:


When a coworker gets your attention while you’re listening to Welsh things at work and you reply “Beth?”, to which they reply (with a furrowed brow), “Who’s Beth?”.


When you’re at work not being allowed or able to circle through the net but you still HAVE TO pear into SSiW forum to see what’s new … :slight_smile:

In my dreams I’ve spoken to one of rugby stars in Cymraeg FLUENTLY and was not surprised when he answered me in Slovene. :slight_smile:


when you see a sign for a Plant Fair and have to take a moment to decide if it is legal to sell your children or not…


when you are ordering a baked potato for your wife and have to ask for it "with corgimwch, you know, what are they, little pink swimmy things … "


when you have a geiriadur on the coffee table, another in your work bag and yet another next to your bed … and all of them are literally falling apart.


When your living in Kent and on waking tune straight away to Radio Cymru and then go to all the online Welsh news websites. When a Radio Cymru researcher rings to ask if you’d comment on the rugby game between Wales and England…


when you think that learning the “proper” Welsh word for banana seems important but then realising that 99% of first language speakers don’t know it anyway. (more time wasted)


When you regale a story and you can’t remember if you heard it or read it first in English or in Welsh!