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You know you are learning Welsh when


Brilliant! :star: :star2:


… you keep accidentally writing “falue” and “confersion” and “efaluation” in your physics lab report :frowning:

I have to use a spellchecker before handing anything in just to make sure I don’t have any extra f’s in my essays :smile:


Today i found I had to think really hard to work out how the English spell what I typed as trowsus. I finally remembered it is trousers!


“Forest/Fforest” is one that gets me. Especially as the ff crops up in some place names in these parts.


When after a 5 minute chat in English you realise the other person can also speak Welsh and you can say “Roedden ni’n wastraffu ein Saesneg” [We were wasting our English] and can then have a good old chat yn y Gymraeg


When you’ve just finish the Skype chat and start to write on the forum, but you have to think very hard and be concentrated not to write in Welsh. (It’s just happening now to me … ):slight_smile:


The only other place that I’ve come across that term albeit here in the singular, is where I now live where the usual greeting from locals is “Ey up duck”. But we’re about 120 miles north of London.


When I absent mindedly write Trefor Elis?


When you pay good money online for a Welsh Scrabble set, quite a few years after giving one away on Freecycle “because I can’t see myself ever needing that…”.


Anywhere near where the ducks play football? :wink:


No Waddles up here. :sneezing_face:


…your entire family - who still aren’t learning Welsh - break spontaneously into Mae popeth yn osym! after dinner, led by your 5-yr-old :smile:


Gwych! :smiley: :smiley:


Reminds me of writing my first essay in Russian when learning at school more than half a century ago and including the phrase ‘да здравствует тараканам!’ (long live cockroaches!). Really useful eh!? :wink:


That reminds me of the time I started a course “Russian for scientists”. I dropped out after lesson two, but I clearly remember learning: Резерфорд говорит: “Где мой циклотрон?” (Rutherford says “Where is my cyclotron?”) True!


I did that course and it came in useful later! In a Vacation job asking passengers at Heathrow about their journey, I translated them into sn attempt at Russian, which i never needed! “Do you have an interpreter with you?” In the early 60s got an instant, “yes” so I could carry on in English! I did all the Russian flights as nobody else dared! Then, at work I translated the occasional paper!


When you look at a car number-plate and just see Welsh words. Earlier today I saw CA15 BYD…
Cais = try (think rugby)
Byd = world (as in “Small world”…)


To lose one cyclotron would be unfortunate. To lose two sounds like downright carelessness comrade! :wink:


you go to Italy and try to learn a few useful words and phrases, but whenever you try to communicate with non-English speakers (which Italy is full of :O) ) your mind just fills up with Welsh and sometimes I even automatically ended up saying a few words of Welsh in desperation. (Why doesn’t this happen when trying to speak in Welsh??)
Also when you hear/read Italian and knowledge of Welsh somehow helps understanding so much. This would be the Latin words from when the Romans settled in Wales I believe (eg oriau[cymraeg] = hours, ora [Italiano]= hour). And how is it that left and right seem so similar (Left = Chwith = cinstra, Right = De =Destro ???) [these spellings are probably way wrong, but I heard this at every station on the Italian underground railway, i think Italians don’t like to look stupid and stand expectantly on the wrong side of the train for the platform!))


When you want (or even have to) write down something in English on Facebook but you can’t force your brains to think in any other language but Welsh (not even native one) and your fingers start to type Welsh sentences down untill you realize you actually wanted to write the things in English.

It happens all day to me today and then sometimes I delete Welsh replacing it with English and sometimes I do not … :slight_smile: Trying to explain Slovenian word in English I had to force myself to do that …

This all is starting to be really “wierd”. (and I like it)

Co-worker says: “Kle maš.” (Here you are) giving me something.
Me: “Diolch”
Co-worker: “Ja, ja, Diolch.”
Me: “Ne, ti rečeš ‘Croeso’” (No, you should say Croeso).
(First mini-lesson done) :slight_smile: