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You know you are learning Welsh when


Even more embarrassing when speaking with a fellow learner and you are amazed how clearly you understood quite a complex sentence… Then belatedly realise that they had switched to English on you.


:joy: :smiley:


trying to put Welsh words into my crosswords Saesneg as my head is full of Welsh words floating around in my head- really enjoying the course


When you start a sentence with, “I’ve just signed a…” and the only word you can think of is “deiseb” and it takes a moment for the word “petition” to pop into your mind.


Today I had lunch with a Spanish colleague and kept having to stop myself saying achos instead of porque… oops!


Actually I think this is a product of being able to not translate everything into English so much and just understand what is being said AND getting away from Welsh and English modes. YET I now have to stop myself speaking Welsh to people who don’t speak Welsh. It’s always a minefield isn’t it?


Ain’t that the truth?! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


…you just cannot get this language out of your mind, no matter how hard you try


Stop trying Claudia :slight_smile: It’s just not possible!


You are so right, it’s not possible! It feels like a magic charm Wales and its language had cast on me and there is NO ‘counterspell’. Not even my wretched brain can keep me away from Welsh…:joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:


You know you’re learning (no, speaking) Welsh, when your co-worker celebrates her birthday and you sing birthday song in Welsh and she actually listens to your singing and thanks afterwards … :slight_smile: (mind she’s not Welsh speaker or learner though)

(By the way … I’m trying to get this woman to learn Dutch (which is she learning anyway by another course) with us. Hope I eventually suceede in this. :slight_smile: )


When writing quick emails, messages etc in English - having to stop yourself from using I for to or a for and.


(Background: nobody in my family has any connection - historically, ethnically, business-wise, friends, whatever to Wales. I’m learning Welsh for the love of it.) So…
I know I’m learning Welsh when I phone my son (who is married to a Hebrew speaker and is bringing up a Hebrew-speaking family). I quote verbatim:
Me: “Hi, how are you?”
Son: “Gwych!”


Having been working hard on lessons/challenges 1-3, I have been practicing all the sentences, and replies etc, and even the dog is now aros-ing like a good boy when I leave him in the house to go and feed the sheep.

Saw neighbour this morning after 20 mins of duolingo (for spelling practice) and when she asked me if I had learned any new sentences, all I could think of was " are you an unemployed actress ?"

So I said no, nothing new …

I’m fairly sure thats a sentence that isn’t going to crop up very often.


Three things have come up in the last few weeks that have reminded me that I learn Welsh with SSiW.

(1) I was in an informal conversation group when the tutor did a ‘quiz’, where we had to write down the Welsh for various little words and phrases, one of which was ‘right now’ (rŵan hyn). How did you know that asked the tutor, and I was able to say that on SSiW there was this really ‘useful’ phrase, ‘If you don’t make me a cup of coffee right now, I will never love anyone ever again!’. Well it shows it works!

(2) A couple of days later I was in a Caffi Alys, when someone almost left without their shopping bags and I was able to say, ‘Are those your bags?’ (Are those your children? on Level 2).

(3) Then, last week, I was showing someone some photos of my cat and explaining how vicious she is, and they asked me ‘How can you resist those pretty eyes?’. I immediately thought, well, I can’t resist them, but I do know how to escape from them in Welsh, thanks to SSiW.

And there I was doubting I would need those phrases! :hushed:


Oh, that’s hysterical! And here I’ve been doubting some of the same phrases!



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When, after a holiday I went to a Sadwrn Siarad and ordered my coffee in Spanish, to which the waitress replied in Welsh and I continued in Welsh and didn’t even notice until my friends there fell about laughing!!


Sorry Aran, but we’ll probably never think you’re evil!!


When you have “Ga i wyth baned o de” written on your fridge in magnetic letters…because that was the only sentence you could write with all the missing letters you have.