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You know you are learning Welsh when


When you are listening to Radio Cymru while doing the housework and they play Lleuwen singing our signature tune and you go straight into SSiW mode, leave the housework and fire up Challenge 16 again!


I literally had the same thing when I heard it come on; I thought I’d accidentally put a challenge on over the radio somehow! Glad I wasn’t the only one.


you hear Welsh words in music from other languages [than Welsh /English]. For exampl,e what does ‘ers talwm’ mean in Russian?


When someone asks you if you have a pen!


When you’re writing words you’ve written since you were 5 but suddenly realise you spelt it with a ‘y’ instead of an ‘i’! :joy:


When you go past a street sign reading “No’s 11 to 20” and think: The pedants won’t like the apostrophe but there’s a perfectly good reason for it.


When you notice the Welsh names of hymn tunes, e.g. Blaenwern*, which I noticed in a hymnbook on Sunday.

And you listen approvingly to “Guide me O thou great Jehovah/Redeemer” to the tune of Cwm Rhondda at Harry & Megan’s wedding, and think it would have sounded even better in Welsh.
(And you finally notice that it’s actually Rhondda, and not Rhonda, as you’ve been calling it for about 50 years…ok, I did actually notice that some time ago, but not before time! :slight_smile: ).

*(And google tells me that Wills and Kate had “Love Divine all Loves Excelling” to the tune of Blaenwern at their wedding. It’s a popular wedding hymn. We had it too).


When you realise that you answered your English-speaking husband in Welsh and had to translate it for him! haha


Love Divine is a beautiful hymn. But it is about God’s love!


When you read “chwe-monther” and think why is that written in Welsh and English but then realise it was actually “6-monther” but your brain was being an idiot again.


Ah, yes I know what you mean.
A bit like thinking that all of Europe uses the terms “Chwe-Gwlad” and “Pro-Un Deg Pedwar”, forgetting that English (and other) language versions do actually exist.


I haven’t looked closely at the full text recently, but it goes on: “…all loves excelling”.

So I suppose it is about God’s perfect love exceeding anything that we mere humans can achieve, but we should try to make our human love more perfect, or as perfect as we can get.

But to be honest, the words of a lot of these old hymns don’t bear too much scrutiny. So long as they have a rousing tune, I’m happy to give them a go, even if I am a hoary old heathen these days.


I could never understand any of it, still can’t. Tunes are where it’s at. Except for Calon Lân. Beautiful sentiments and I love the fact that there’s a Spanish version on Google.


…your English-speaking daughter (re-reading English comics) nonetheless pronounces a character’s surname (‘Lloyd’ – presumably ‘Loyd’, like the bank) with a proper ell rather than an el :slight_smile:


Oh proud dad! Oh, clever youngster!! :slight_smile:


When you keep replying to questions in English with “I am” or “I am not” instead of “yes” or “no”!


“I am Michael…”

(You have to be A Certain Age to get that one…).


Is that “Good night, good luck and cheerio to you all.” or have I got entirely the wrong reference?


Probably more correct than me… I thought it was an “I am Spartacus!” reference!


I thought it was “I am not a number!” Please @mikeellwood you know I am not too young to catch on, so please explain!