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You know you are learning Welsh when


You know you learn Welsh when you inspire those who don’t even have the intention to learn but then one of such persons comes to your office door and says just “Hoffi coffi.” and then she continues in native language that that’s all she learnt from two Welsh lads sitting next to her table in the pub to who she told she knows one who speaks Cymraeg - me.


You surely remember “The Yes-No interlude” from “Take Your Pick” with Michael Miles?
We only heard it on Radio Luxembourg, but there was a TV version.

Anyway, Michael Miles would ask questions, and try and trick contestants into answering with “yes” or “no” and if they did, they’d be “gonged out” of the game.

So the standard defensive reply was usually “I am, Michael” (for yes).

For those of us whose name was Michael, we’d occasionally be ragged at school by people coming up and saying “I am, Michael”. How we laughed…

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I remember the yes no game from Des O’Connor in the 90s. I forget the name of the programme.


Yes, the little man who banged the gong if anyone said “yes” or “no”.

I am (almost) sure that it was Michael Miles who signed off with “This is your quiz and quizzater(?) Michael Miles saying goodnight, good luck and cheerio to you all. Goodnight everybody, goodnight.”
What a useless thing to remember!



Was never into pop music. Never listened to Luxemburg. Never listened to much except news and the odd play. TWTWTW when could get near a TV.


Rats, I was going to Say Michael Miles and the gong. I was thinking how easy it would be in Welsh.

I’ll open the box.


Take the money!


He used to refer to himself as “your quiz inquisitor” which I didnt understand when I was young but I now think is quite clever.


wot no Luxy? part of my growing up that was.

Mind, I’ll bet your A level results were a lot betterthan mine. :wink:


I wouldn’t put money on that! I was lucky to pass Applied Maths, although Pure Maths was best mark. Chem next and Physics not brilliant! My hobby was history and riding horses, teaching younger kids to ride etc… Oh and being in plays at school!


Yes, the intermittent signal was good training for listening to Radio Cymru & Radio Wales reception in the Vale of Neath. BTW, the signal was ok on a flying visit to Barton Park, East side of Oxford on Tuesday :slight_smile:


You see this on an old newspaper and your first impression is that you’re reading a title in Welsh. :laughing:


…and vaguely wondering why it isn’t “Stella bach”. :slight_smile:


Ha ha. I think that I mentioned elsewhere:
At school we had a music teacher from Wales, who thought it was incredibly funny to call everyone Bach.


you manage to have a discussion about politics with an AM in Welsh, with only the odd long word borrowed from English


Talking politics, you just made me question whether “Brexit” gets mutated or not. If we’re planning something “for Brexit” is that “i Frexit”? If I’m so fond of Brexit that I want it to be mine, is it “fy Mrexit”?


I think it does as it is now a Welsh word. I remember there was a discussion a while back about whether Brexit was masculine or feminine!


Well I’d say masculine…unless we have a second referendum and change our minds, in which case it’s feminine!


Actually, Brexit is becoming quite an international word. I was watching a news item this week about Colombia wanting to pull out of a South American trading group and that was being described as a South American Brexit!


Having been a bit stop start with learning, I am having another go. However I seem to be softening/mutating pretty much everything, completely randomly at the moment. I suppose moving from not even noticing the words had altered, to over-altering is still an improvement…if it isn’t, then humour me and say it is !