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You know you are learning Welsh when


…when you’re surprised that they named a mountain pass in Welsh in Italy.


Valle, baban or pesio?


Pas(s)o di Baban caught my attention first.
But if you prefer the path on the left…falle pis del pesio? :smiley:


…when, as a learner listening to Radio Cymru - and not initially understanding much - you keep hearing apparent random references to a famous racehorse (so random and fleeting that you don’t really register or have chance to think about it, in fact)…

…and then sometime later when you understand the rest of the sentence and realise that it is another random use of a ‘sh’ sound for ‘s’ and it is Carmarthenshire that is being mentioned…

…name of the racehorse anyone ?!

( Today’s cryptic clue! :smile: )

Rich :slight_smile:


You mean in every programme?
Or is there one you can link where I can certainly find them so I can try and see if I hear them?

However I can only name one Italian-born race horse that was very famous and actually also retired here!

If it’s not that one, I’m not going to catch it, but I can still aim for “sh” sound. :laughing:


doesn’t quite work if you pronounce it sheer though.

We need two new counties - elofit and nerfona - what do you think


Ha, ha. Very good :wink:

I’m trying to find a clip @gisella-albertini - I have been reminded about it in the last day or so but finding it is tough.

It’s not a regular thing Gisella, it’s just when they mention Carmarthenshire.

I think the pronunciation is a reasonable match to the English but I’ll check if I can find it! ( I only know the name of about 3 Race Horses that have ever lived!)

Rich :slight_smile:


There’s mention of an imaginary Welsh county in the Jungle Book as well, if I recall


Earlier, I typed “rodau” instead of “today”, and in my head, I pronounced my mistake according to the rules of Welsh.

Yeah, since English doesn’t have an equivalent for that… Perhaps because of random cool things I learned about Sindarin, I want to use DH and LH for doing stuff phonetically. DH being the sound represented by Welsh DD, and LH being the Welsh LL. I’m afraid one of these days I’ll be in a situation where I’m explaining the pronunciation of something, and just randomly say “DH” to everyone’s confusion. :roll_eyes:


Ooh hello! I’m Medway as well (Chatham) Nice to know there’s someone local to me who’s also learning. Sounds as though you’re much further along than I am though!


Okay, this one may be a little niche, but what with the anniversary coming up…

Any time someone mentions “Learning” you think of:


How about “colonel”? It’s pronounced “kernel”, of all things. Don’t ask me why or how. I theorize that some linguists got together one day and said, “How can we make this language as confusing as possible?”
Oh, and “coombe” is dumb. Especially as there’s two silent letters. But if you don’t like it, there are three other ways to write it! “Coomb”, “combe”, “comb”… If you ever hear me say “There’s spelling variants, and then there’s anarchy”, I’m probably looking at that word. It’s like the poster child for why Welsh is more logical. Just write “cwm” and you’re done. (I mean, there’s consonant mutations to deal with, but don’t rain on my parade here. :laughing:)
“U” is always a vowel in English, they say. Then they give you “penguin”, “suave”, “language”, “linguistics”…
“Queue” is weird, really.


I have a friend who says that the French language uses the “principle of vowel exclusion” for pronunciation. You look at the word, determine which vowel is NOT there, and pronounce the word with that (missing) vowel. For example - the word “me” is spelled moi - but is pronounced mwa :laughing:


Officially [ɬ] - but I suspect that’s far from helpful :slight_smile:


You suspect correctly!


…when you’re waiting for a takeaway delivery and you find yourself trying to work out how to say that it was ordered and paid for online…in Welsh…in a non-Welsh-Speaking area…in England…


…when you start understanding things in Welsh you’ve never heard or seen before by making associations with similar words and sounds to Welsh you already know, finding some similarities to English as with Anglo-Saxon, and having a bit of luck. :nerd_face::four_leaf_clover:

In the last week or so, I can remember these examples:

Planhigion Blodeuol (no more funny mental images of watering my six-year-old twin nieces because I don’t know how to say “plant” in Welsh! Well, maybe just for giggles!)


When you’re looking at a game involving making words from the given letters, and you keep thinking of words like “deg”, “pob”, “pib”…
When you forgot that “saith” is also an English word, so you can’t figure out the five-letter word the game wants you to find.
You’re stumped, so you try to think, “Well, are there any words I can make that start with this letter or letter combination…?” And then have to remind yourself that things like “SG” and “DL” aren’t going to help you.


…when you’re looking for a job for English speakers in Israel and actually wonder for a minute why a Welsh company would be advertising there:


If the “f” were doubled, it could mean to go up in the elevator …