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2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp July 20-27 - Sold Out


Another Tresaith Bwtcamp date for 2019. July’s bwtcamp will run from Saturday 20th- Saturday 27th of July Please let me know below if you are interested. Once we have enough names (about 14 usually) then we’ll open booking on a first come first serve basis.

Please ask any specific July Bwtcamp questions below.

For more general questions and information about Bwtcamp, take a look at the 2019 page here

Bwtcamps 2019

Ymddiddoraf yn fawr.


Hi Iestyn. I’m interested. Clare


Shwmae Iestyn,

I’m definitely interested in this one. I’ve got great memories of Tresaith July 2015 and my Welsh definitely needs a workout.




Definitely interested.


Potentially interested!


I’m interested


I’m interested! Sounds fun!


I’m interested :slight_smile:


I’m interested :slight_smile:


I’m interested, but not 100% able to commit, yet


I make that 10 interested so far, one more ‘offline’ (ie I know of, but they’ve not said here yet). That’s getting close to numbers!

If you don;t mind me asking, @katie-13 - does ‘not able to commit’ = wouldn;t be able to book definitely in the next fortnight (or so)? I usually give a bit more than a week’s notice of booking opening, and it will be very soon if the numbers stack up.

Any more for any more?


I’m interested too!


I’m interested too. Edmund.


Shwmae! I’m also interested in coming to Bwtcamp. Does it matter that I’m doing the Northern cyrsiau?


It doesn’t matter which variety. They’re very ecumenical at Bwtcamp. As long as you’ve done enough, as described in the details by Iestyn.


They’re very ecumenical at Bwtcamp

That would be an ecumenical matter :smiley:
Sorry! Off topic, but it creases me up every time. :


I’m just coming from the US and have a 6 year old, so I have a few things to work out. But i could figure out within the next week if I’m able to commit or not.

Will there be another bwtcamp in sept??


Like I said last time I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone else of this incredible opportunity, but if it was to have spaces I would definitely fill one of them.


@katie-13 tentatively, yes, I’m hoping to run a bwtcamp in September, so that could be a further option for you.

@aderyn - Thanks for that question - I’ve added a line to the main Bwtcamp page to make it a bit clearer.

Bwtcamps are based in the south west, but we have people from all parts of Wales (and beyond) attending, so there is no problem with gogs (from the north) and hwntws (from the south) mixing and getting used to each other’s accents and funny words, and we as tutors are totally used to smoothing over the few bumps that are caused. I usually reckon that the goggiest gog and the hwntwest hwntw will be fully integrated (sounds painful!) by about Monday, because it’s mostly the most common words that are different, which means you hear them all the time, and get used to them almost immediately.