Cardiff monthly meet-ups 2018


Please note that for January and February we will be meeting in the Owain Glyndwr, at the junction of Church Street and St John’s Street. This is near St John’s Church and just around the corner from the Castle. The Mochyn Du is closing for refurbishment and plans to re-open in February, so hopefully we will be back there for March.

Also note, that as the first Monday is January 1st, and therefore a Bank Holiday, we will NOT be meeting that evening. Instead we will meet on Monday 8th, 7 - 8.30 ish.

So next Cardiff meet-up is


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!


Siaradwyr yng Nghaerdydd?

I wish I could be there so I could buy you all a drink since it’s my birthday. :slight_smile:

Blywyddyn newydd da i bawb a gyfarfod hapus! :slight_smile:


Absent in body, but present in spirit, we will toast you!

Blywyddyn Newydd Dda!


Ej! Diolch! :slight_smile:


The next Cardiff meet will be;

I will try to make this one (I crashed last month… on my sofa, not a bus!! Apologies for not going.)

Next month’s meet will be at Park Plaza in Greyfriars Road, where we will be joining @aran for diod a sgwrs. More details at Anyone fancy a pint/practice in Cardiff, Monday night, 5th of March?

So it will be in April when we should be returning to the newly refurbished and renamed ‘Bragdy a Chegin’ in Sophia Gardens.


Will be there, but Phil is busy marking so won’t make it. Hopefully others will make it too, before our final tour date, meeting up with Aran next month. Then back to our newly-refurbished home! Hope it is welcoming!


As many people going tonight? I wss thinking of going if hubby gets back at a decent time


Not sure Jenny. Only Gav has posted on here. Just about to leave for there now. Would be nice to see you if you can make it.




We’re here now!


Oh na, I saw this too late. It takes me about an hour to get in… oh well see you all next month. Mwynhewch!


Lovely to see you both x


Lovely to see you Jenny, and hear of all your successes in the Welsh language in your family. Look forward to seeing you again next month.

And thanks to Gav for helping me understand better the Cardiff Bus app!



Bragdy a Chegin - (Mochyn Du!)

Is anyone intending to come tonight? I know that Gav and Phil are not able to come, so who is coming? If I don’t hear from anyone then I probably won’t make the trek in to talk to myself!



Sorry, i have a meeting elsewhere tonight. :O(


I think that it is safe to say that no-one will want to meet up in the old Mochyn Du this coming Monday night! There seems to be a rival event going on in the Bay area, so I am sure that throughout the coming week there will be plenty of opportunity to practise your Welsh!

So - there will definitely not be a meeting in the old MD for the month of August.


…and when we do go back in September, we should have another siaradwr Cymraeg joining us in the form of @Karla , who is now a resident in Caerdydd for the next 2 years at least!


Next Meet-up Monday 3 SEPTEMBER 2018

Who will be there? Well, I will be and probably Phil will be too. Hopefully some of you will be able to make it and we can reminisce about experiences at the Eisteddfod this year amongst other things. See you at our old haunt, the Mochyn Du - can’t remember it’s new name!!



Bragdy a Chegin! :smile:

I should be able to make it as I’m on an early week at work this week. If I’m not too tired I’ll go along. :slight_smile:


And me as long as hubby gets home to look after the little people