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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉


Diolch am dy gerdyn o’r Unol Daleithiau Billy #298


I would like to say thank you to who has sent me the card.
The pictures show it has been damaged severely, and I am unable to respond, but it got here!!


Diolch Ben (#279). Cerdyn hyfred o’r UDA gyda stamp rownd diddorol.


How can I join the Postcard Club?


@afl2 I recognize the handwriting! I’m fran#30. My poor postcard - looks like a lion has eaten half of it!!!


Hi @Baruch - by sending an email to Nia at; our latest update will be being sent out soon, so a great time to join :slight_smile:
I deal with updating the membership list, so expect to hear from me too!


Hi Fran
Thanks for sending it.
Hope you have better luck next time.


We will be sending out the updated list next Friday - 12th March - this month.
(Which means that anyone hoping to join still has time to email Nia at…)


I am sad to share that Margaret, member #300, passed away (moved on to be with her dear Lord) on the evening of March 30th.

She was so happy to be a part of the club, and had been looking forward to catching up on her card writing after some weeks of ill health. Sadly, I know that most of her replies didn’t get the chance to happen - but if you were someone who sent her a card, please know that it was very appreciated, and did bring an extra joy (and challenge!). I am very sure of this because she was my Mom.


I’m so sorry to hear of your loss Ann, sending love and condolences to you and all the family. I hope that the great news of Easter brings peace and comfort to you this weekend xxx


So sorry to hear this, Ann. May you cherish the fond memories.:disappointed_relieved:


I am sorry to hear that your Mum has died. I hope that you find all the help and support that you need during this sad time. I hope that one day your bright memories of her will outshine your tears.
With love and sympathy.


When writing a postcard to someone unknown for the first time in this Clwb, would it be more appropriate to use “chi” or “ti”?
I know perfectly well that the SSiW motto is “Don’t Worry!” Well, it’s an excellent motto and I’m not worried, but I’d like to know anyway!


It really is a case of “Don’t worry” :slight_smile: When I first started in the club I didn’t know how to use the Chi form so everyone was a ti to me! I get both ti and chi when I receive cards for the first time. I really don’t think anyone minds. I think if you were to know the person it would be a bit more important maybe to get it right but as it is a club for fun I think you should choose which ever one you think you would like the most practice of. And just enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:


Diolch i chi gyd - I’m sorry for the long gap in answering, but your messages are much appreciated - I think Mom would be very touched by them too.

I will catch up, in time…


For those expecting an updated membership list out later today, apologies - with @nia.llywelyn’s move next week and my own complications, we’re very pushed on time - but hoping that we’ll be able to get an update out to you all next Friday (14th May).

Diolch am eich amynedd - thanks for your patience.


I’m suffering from (very mild) postcard anxiety. When I write to someone, I generally ask a few chatty questions. When people reply, they often ask me questions, too. Hence the anxiety - should I reply, which seems only polite, and keep up the conversation, or, given the ever lengthening list of members, should I write to new people every month?

A case in point - I received this lovely card from @hinako in Yokohama today:

She writes in beautiful, idiomatic Welsh, but says she can’t yet say much in Welsh yet. I want to make sure she knows about the chance to practise speaking Welsh on Slack. And to say that she’s the first Japanese person I know who’s learning Welsh because she’s a fan of Elis James. And…


I’m glad you received the card, Bronwen :heart:
I get what you mean about the anxiety, I have it as well!
And thank you, you’re so kind about my Welsh! I actually used some words/sentences I looked up online and I wasn’t sure if I was using them correctly, so it’s good to know you understood me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’ve been a bit scared of exploring on Slack or participating in the zoom lessons to be honest, but I know I should be practising speaking so I’ll try to give it a go!
I’m so happy that I decided to join the postcard club because it helps me keep going with the learning, and it makes me feel closer to Wales, if that makes sense, because I get to interact with lovely people from Wales like you and Welsh learners from all over the world! And not to mention the feeling when I see a new postcard in the mailbox is the best!
Anyways, thanks so much, Bronwen! Have a lovely day :dog:


Hi @franhunni, just received my card as well. You’ve been busy. Diolch


I’d say go for replying again @BronwenLewis - after all, part of the initial idea of the club was to help people make links and develop friendships with other Welsh learners/speakers. And while this time you got a reply from @hinako on the Forum, not all members use the Forum/WSP/other electronic methods.

I know people have different approaches, but personally feel an ongoing conversation is something to encourage. And replies don’t have to be instant. If someone’s asked questions, I reckon they’re hoping for a reply - and if you’ve got things you want to say, that means they get the joy of another postcard back. (Sending a reply still counts as sending a postcard… :wink:)

The topic of replies has come up in the WSP #postcards channel recently, with some thoughtful comments and suggestions, so anyone interested might like to look there too.