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East Coast Time Zone Meetup Beginning


@violetsnow @laurawydapszeniczny. Thanks for letting me know and I’ll do a reminder next week as well.

@AnnaC I suspect you will find a good story to tell. My story is the first bad word that came out of my Daughter’s mouth when she was three. It’s cute and funny

Diolch, Aran. But really, if it wasn’t for SSiW, and the great community of people, like @tahl I wouldn’t be doing any of it. More evidence of internet strangers reaching out to help others more than anything I’m doing.


Hi @aran! I don’t think I’ve been on the forum since 2016… but it seems like life is finally settling down a bit. I haven’t even talked with Mari in nearly a year, but trying to get back into it. Miss chatting with you & I hope all is well! Maybe we can talk soon. Tan toc!


Diolch ten fawr, @delawarejones!


Autocorrupt strikes again.

Let’s try this again:

Diolch yn fawr, @delawarejones


Was sorry not to see you in Washington, but we’re really keen to come over for more NAFOWs in the future… :slight_smile: Call sometime would be great! And also check out now :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@delawarejones Thanks for tagging me. I’m definitely interested, and as of right now, I have no plans on Thursday evening (that could all change though dependent upon what the wife has planned! Haha)

Anyway, regarding the free conference call site, does this work on tablets? I currently don’t own a computer, so if I’m to join in, it would have to be compatible with a tablet and/or mobile devices.

Meet-ups on hold because of Coronavirus?
Calling all SSiW meet-up/chat group organisers and coordinators

Helo, John
It’ll work with phone/tablet/laptop. You have two options…well three…well four.

  1. You can use the link - and do video conferencing
  2. You can dial in for audio only - (605) 475-4896 AccessCode - 267527#
  3. Combination of 1 & 2 - this is my approach as Comcrap tends to have bandwidth issues from time to time.
  4. Download the FreeConferenceCall app to the tablet.

dependent upon what the wife has planned! Haha

I asked mine if Thursdays at 7pm was good for her, before I committed. HA!


I’ll make sure to download the app when I get home from work, and I’ll check with the wife before 100% committing! Haha :slight_smile:


Hi! I am planning to be there! Trying desperately to figure out a story. Hopefully I will figure something out. See and talk to you all on Thursday!


Diolch yn fawr iawn, @aran! I was sorry to miss you at NAFOW. Mari & I had been chatting about it but unfortunately I had committed to a cruise without realizing it was the same week. I’ll try to plan better next year!
Thank you for the link - I will def check this out. Spent too much time away from the Cymraeg over the past year, whilst trying to get my life back in order. Now I’m feeling the yearning again. :heart:️:black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Whoo-hoo! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I tried typing iawn the other day and my phone corrected it to Isengard!


I plan on being there again this evening. Thank you again for organizing it! I was disappointed and frustrated last week with how much my Welsh abandoned me in my hour of need, but it’s just proof that more practice is required! See you tonight.


That’s funny. For me, it’s either ‘yawn’ or ‘lain.’

Happens to everyone. Good thing we have a backup language. :smile:


I was planning on joining this session, but unfortunately something has come up :frowning:

Will this be happening again next week?


No worries, John. Sorry you missed us, we had fun. Come and join next week. We meet each Thursday from 7-8PM and barring something from happening, I intend to meet next week.


Super disappointed that I couldn’t join this week due to technical difficulties. I have no idea what was different this week vs. last week - I did everything the same way as last week, but it just didn’t work. Is there any chance you would consider using a different platform? Maybe Slack/Google Hangouts?


It was a lot of fun, even if I froze up a little. :open_mouth:


Thanks again! I will be ready next week! I promise. This week was just a little overwhelming at work to think about anything else. Have a great weekend!


We had another fun meeting with @Abbey @AnnaC @Allison @KellyMoore and a surprise visit by @Mari, I think that’s Mari Davies. Unfortunately Anna had technical difficulties. Let’s troubleshoot next week and see if we can solve the problem. If it continues we can try other platforms, for sure, as I don’t want to exclude anyone due to technicalities. Thanks all for coming and looking forward to next week, November 1.