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FFIT Cymru - Podlediad Dysgwyr


Helo pawb! Hope everyone is keeping well! As you may be aware SSIW have been working with Cwmni Da on producing a Sofa to 5k podcast for learners, in conjunction with the present series of FFIT Cymru that is showing on S4C now.
Cwmni Da and S4C are interested in knowing if people are following it, and if they enjoy it and find it accessible?
@aliC - I know you’re a fan of the show, have you been following the podcast?

Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?

I am, you’re right! Unfortunately, being a nurse, I’m more in work than at home at the moment so not had a chance. Hope to catch up soon as.
Stay safe everyone. xxx


I wanted to watch but my boyfriend is exercising with me and doesn’t know Welsh.


I didn’t realise this had been launched :frowning: I thought it was still in development…


I’ll put the links up here


So here are a couple of links to the podcast if you fancy having a listen…


Maybe the podcast is something you could do together?


Oh bless you. Many many diolchs for the work you’re doing, and please stay safe :rainbow:


I’ll have to see. Usually you videos on YouTube but he can’t understand Welsh so might not be fair on him. I’ll have to see


Well, I thought I’d have a listen…for the Welsh as much as anything. No point in listening on the sofa, so I just went out and did the first one. It’s really good! :slight_smile: I don’t run, and this isn’t the kind of thing I’d normally do at all, but I found this inspiring. I’m feeling under pressure to get enough exercise during lockdown, and walking the same paths every day might get a bit dull, and this adds some interest…so what if I keep going?! :slight_smile: I think I need to get a new t-shirt though with a slogan on it that says something like “I’ll do anything, as long as I can do it in Welsh!” :slight_smile:


Following on Spotify so don’t stop making them neither take them away when this COVID-19 madness is over.


Oh that’s excellent! Yes I can see that it adds some interest to your one walk a day!


Oh well done - I’ll pass this on!


@jen he will only have eyes for you - you be his 3D video in the same room, if you live together, or if not, you’ll have to use zoom!


:joy: We live together.


@tatjana and @Cetra - do you fancy doing a little video yn Gymraeg saying what you’re enjoying about the podcasts? The tv company - Cwmni Da - would like to put them on their social media. Only if you’re happy to…


@beca-brown I’d be happy to, but to be honest I’ve stopped to do the whole thing after some time in the first podcast already for pure healthy reasons. I have glaucoma and my eyes didn’t stand this all too well so I decided to stop doing the thing. I have only one eye functional so I have to be super careful with it.

But if you’d like to know anyway what I enjoy the most it’s how it’s all packed together: the music, the way of how Rae motivates those who do the exercises and the way how the English bit is implemented into the whole thing so that even those who don’t speak Welsh too good yet can go with the exercises just fine. The information Rae gives through the whole podcast about the health and healthy exercising is just perfect for three things: you can get the knowledge of something you might not know yet, it distracts you from thinking too much about how long the run still should go and when one can start walking again and one who learns Welsh can grab some new vocabulary which is also explained during the exercise.

If I’d be fir for this I’d go for it for sure! But for Cwmni Da there’s no use I record the video about how I can’t do that and why, so just pass what I’ve said about the podcast to them if you wish. (But if they’d want to hear my view anyway, I’m here to record little thingy anyway.)


Thanks for the detailed answer - much appreciated. Just for me to be clear, are you saying that you’re unable to record a video? What Cwmni Da want I think is for people to record a few sentences on their phone just saying what they like about the podcasts :blush:


Hi Beca! I was trying to psyche myself up to do a video, but if all they want is audio then I can definitely do that! :slight_smile: Where should I send it and when by? :slight_smile: I’ve just come back from doing my latest run…it gets better every time! :slight_smile:


Hiya! Well done on the run! No they want visual footage recorded by phone - I know it’s horrible recording yourself but they’d really appreciate it… at least you’re in control of the shot! I’ll send you a direct message re contact details etc :blush::rainbow: