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Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day


Unfortunately that doesn’t work fo those of us in the US (and possibly other places?) because we don’t have the “gr” key on our computers. :thinking:

What I’ve found (for those without that key) is this location: where you can type just the letter you want or a whole word or more, then copy it into whatever you are writing. A bit clunky, but it works! There are also “alt #” things to get the to bach from your keyboard, but those don’t always work.

Finally, from my smart phone (when I remember I have it) there is a free keyboard layout that you can get called “Literatim” which allows you to type in other languages. You can specify which language you want to use and switch back and forth from your normal (phone) keyboard via a little icon in the bottom corner of the keyboard. Mine is set for Welsh, and it even includes predictive text in that language!


Many thanks @siaronjames and @Sionned. I’ve been trying to find an ‘easy’ way to insert accents, so far without success. I only use an IPad and IPhone - Literarim only seems to be available for android phones and as my keyboards don’t have an Alt gr key the Bangor advice doesn’t apply either unfortunately. However, the does give me a much better option so you’ve made my day. I can toggle between English and Welsh in my keyboard settings so at least when I’m typing Welsh it doesn’t predict into English. Something to be grateful for. If anyone has any better advice for Apple devices, I’m listening! Diolch eto.


Hi Jenny I discovered if I hold my finger on a letter on my ipad useful options pop up with different accents. Don’t know If that would work for you? Thanks for list my favorite fel pelican.


:+1: Excellent tip, thank you @jo-hornagold1. It works on my IPhone and IPad. Hwre! No more sweating, cutting and pasting :sweat_smile: Even happier rŵan :smile: This might help you too @Sionned and if, like me, there are any other technophobes out there it might be a useful tip for all @CatrinLliarJones maybe?


Hi Sionned

In case you do want to try it, it’s not the “gr”, but the “Alt Gr” key, which is also known as the Right Alt key, and on many keyboards (including many US ones) it is found just to the right of the space bar. US keyboards do sometimes make this key identical in function to the other Alt key on the left of the space bar. If that is the case on yours, then in Windows pressing the Control and Alt keys at the same time usually emulates “Alt Gr” / “Right Alt”. More info here:

Pob lwc!



Huh! I’ll have to look into that, thanks!

Edited to add: looked it up (thanks for the link!) and found that, while I have the “Alt” key on the right-hand end of the space bar, it doesn’t do any of the AltGr (alt-graphic) things. Darn! (Hmm, my husband has a new keyboard, maybe I’ll try his . . .)


You should be able to get all the accent options available for a letter by just holding your finger on it for a bit longer, and they’ll show above it. Tip my daughter taught me. Works on iPhone /iPad and Android touchscreens I think (as I have iOS but she has Android)…


Yes I know its a pain, but if there’s no other way you could go for o/\ amongst friends - we’ll know what you mean. Or, what I used to do is to have a document in the background with some ô characters or similar, to copy and paste.


Diolch! Will try that…


Diolch Siaron!


Sorry that I’m currently unable to find the time to post new words here at the moment, but in the meantime…


This thread on twitter contains common welsh insults to put the final touch to your skills. Use wisely.

Reader’s discretion advised.

And there’s always this of course …


Thanks! That’s brilliant - why didn’t I know that???


That was my reaction too!


Have just followed Jac Jolly - doniol iawn


Love that idiom. I suppose it’s a bit like “Come rain or shine.” Will try to squeeze it into conversation! Diolch x


Just came across this picture of the handsome lad. He looks a bit similar to someone else.

Sŵt’s 14 this week and still in action, although he’s packed up hill running. Favourite command? Gwranda wnei di!


Prynhawn da!

Great news - after a break of some months, this thread is back as from today! Every day I will be posting a new word/words/idiom/phrase for you, with sound file attached for pronunciation. :smiley:

So brand new idiom coming up within the next half hour!

Watch this :arrow_down: space!


Yey. I really enjoyed these.


Gair neu Idiom y Diwrnod - Word or Idiom of the Day 15/09/2020

Un dydd ar y tro = een - deeth - ar - uh - tro - One day at a time

Sound file -