Going GREEN - SoundCloud 'Question' badge (for red badges only)


So, a small number of brave souls have broken through the SoundCloud barrier, and restored their red.

Now let’s start turning this new skillset into something that is going to help everyone:slight_smile:

For your next colour shift - up the grades to GREEN - please record ONE single question.

Upload it to SoundCloud (or as Tatjana said, record directly to SoundCloud by saying ‘yes!’ when it asks to access your microphone).

Then post the link AS A NEW THREAD in the new ‘Speaking Practice’ section.

And then post in here with a link to your new thread… :slight_smile:

And voila - we’ll be creating a massive, low stress practice environment for brand new speakers, where they can come in, choose a thread, listen to it, have some time to think about it, and then (more on this later!) answer it… :slight_smile:

Remember how nerve-wracking it was the first time you spoke Welsh to someone?

Now imagine you’d been able to spend plenty of time in here practising listening to questions and then answering them… before you had to deal with a live person…

I think this could become a genuinely important contribution to the Million Speakers Project… :slight_smile:

Pink, red, green, blue and beyond... what do they mean?





I think this is appropriate for level 1?


Also, I love this idea!!


Hat-tip to @sumsmeister who flagged more or less this idea up in the moderator’s category just the other day - as you can see, Gary, I’ve gone for a lo-fi implementation… :wink:


Diolch @sumsmeister I’ve had a good 45 minutes of entertainment from this :slight_smile:


Must say, I’m really enjoying listening to all of these.

I think this could become a VERY big part of the SSiW experience… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :star: :star2: :heart:


Yes, this looks like a really good idea!
(I guess I’ll contribute some other time, when I can record without an audience…)

Just thinking too, I think an idea was muted once for a rolling live speaking session that people could drop into? (Or schedule when to drop into via a thread here.) I wonder if that would be a good idea / technically integratable?


I’m hoping that we’re going to be able to figure out something along these lines (perhaps not rolling, but frequent) once we get an idea of how many people are interested in the 6 month approach… :slight_smile:


I feel like this would be something I would be into - but because I’ve not been around here much due to work/Christmas - I’ve missed!!!

Give me 10 mins to catch up on everything here and I’ll be there now in a minute.


Aran, that’s really cool!! I hope everyone enjoys having a play!


I’d really like to have a green badge. Green is my favourite colour. If I get a green badge I may not want to swap it for any other :wink: However, I’m a bit stuck - having learnt Welsh outside of SSiW, I have no idea what level my question would come out as (and I don’t want to scare anyone with vocab or constructions they may not have come across - although to be fair, my mongrel accent is scary enough to do that anyway!). What do you suggest @aran?


Mmm, go for my favourite - rough guess? This feels like a really simple question, or doesn’t? :slight_smile:


well, for example, if I were to ask a question in the conditional (much as I’m doing now!) using taset ti & faset ti, where would that fit? Or I could go for a very simple straightforward alternative. I know eventually we’ll have a decent spread of questions over all levels, but is there any level you’d particularly like to build up first?


I think simple is good at this stage, but I’m not all that worried, because I think this is also going to be a fun and valuable resource for our more advanced folk… :slight_smile:


okey doke. Just waiting for my phone to charge up a bit and I’ll have a go (found the easiest way to do this recording palaver was to use the voice recorder on the phone then import the file to soundcloud)


There are iOS and Android apps, that are hawddi-pawddi lemwn-gwasgu… :slight_smile: