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Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)


Perfect you two and Llongyfarchiadau!!! :slight_smile:


Listen to Question from Peter - currently doing level one by Peter Richards on #SoundCloud


Listen to Practice question by Andrew Birch on #SoundCloud


Llongyfarchiadau mawr @andrew-birch, you are now GREEN! :slight_smile:


Question from James currently doing Level 1:


Gwych, @james-ralph! You are now GREEN! :smile:

Going BLUE- week 21 'ANSWER' recording **Green to Blue badge** :large_blue_circle: (Awarded Mondays)

Question from Stephen Ley doing level 1


Llongyfarchiadau mawr iawn @stephen-19! You are now green! :smile:




Listen to Question from Beth - Currently doing level 1 by Beth_SSiW on #SoundCloud


Da iawn @bethany_w, you are now GREEN!!! :smile:




Question from Mark Barry currently doing Level 1 @CatrinLliarJones

Question from Mark Barry Currently doing Level 1

Helo Mark,

Dwi’n teimlo yn iawn, diolch. Byddaf wrth fy modd mynd i’r dafarn gyda thi pan fydd y lockdown wedi cwpla.

Hwyl am y tro


nb not sure if “mynd i’r dafarn” or “i fynd i’r dafarn” is better after “wrth fy modd” (delighted, in my element )


Darian, Diolch! Hoffen i mynd yn y dafarn eto


Llongyfarchiadau @mark-barry, you are now GREEN! :smiley:




Listen to Question from Claire currently doing level 1 by Humstone on #SoundCloud

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