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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


Come out here and go and stand in the corner, @gruntius.



Hi where’s the best place for help with soundcloud please? I can’t record audio directly onto my soundcloud app on my iPhone. I’ve recorded a voice memo but don’t know how to get that into sound cloud. Diolch :pray:t3:


I’m going to tag @rich for you - I could explain how to get a recording from PC to Soundcloud to here, but I haven’t a clue about apps or iPhones. Hopefully Rich can help you though.


This is a little test - a file directly from an iPhone.

OK, that worked - after I’ve finished my sandwich :smile: I’ll post some screenshot as steps.

This seems to be a question that crops up a lot…I wonder if I should post it as a standalone thread? :thinking:

I will think about this whilst I chew! :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:


The “Teach Yourself” series does a Welsh Grammar by Christine Jones. I’ve found it quite serviceable. It was published in 2007 and cost £10.99. I should think you could still get it.


Hi @carole-green

So this is a sequence for an iPhone - I have used Voice Memo because you did - but it could equally be another recording App.

For completeness i have included the recordimg step :slightly_smiling_face:

Find Voice Memos App and record something

The Voice Memos App is in the Utilities folder…

I recorded a file by pressing the record button - I changed the name to Dyma fi

Go to Soundcloud and Load Your Recording

From the Home Page, click the upward arrow in the top right corner…

…and choose your file which usually appears in recents (if not press browse to find it)…

…at this point it loads (and there maybe a short delay before it is visible via the steps below…)

Copy Link From Soundcloud To Forum

From your home page choose 'Library’by pressing the image of the books at the bottom of the screen…

…click on your profile…(Silhouette)

…click on your personal profile link…

…your file will appear in the list on this screen… click on the 3 dots next to it…

…and choose share.,

…and select copy link…

…go to the forum (reply to a post or create a new one so that editor is open) and press paste…

…a link will be visible…save your post…

The Soundcloud image will become visible and you will be able to click on it, to play it - as you can with this one below…

Rich :slight_smile:

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Rich, you’re a total :star2: !


Just tried it…works a treat Rich, thanks for this. :+1:


I am an EMT, and we are now told to avoid using an older person’s first name unless they say it’s okay. It tends to be infantilizing, and people in a home or hospital have little enough control over their conditions already!


How do you call “runner beans”? Ffa dringo or ffa Ffrengig? Or…?

And a “string of runner beans” would be:
llinyn ffa or llinyn o fa?

p.s. I might come across it on “Garddio a Mwy” someday, but until then I’m going to ask here! :rofl:


This was on “Garddio a Mwy” either last week or the week before. GPC says “ffa dringol” which ties up with what I remember them saying. I’m not sure about the second question.


Oh thanks a lot! I had only seen the first two so far and it would take me quite a while to reach the ffa dringo episode! :smiley:

By the way I see there’s also the ffa frengig right next (translated as French beans, it seems) - which to be honest I had never heard of, until a couple of weeks ago debating about this with a friend (but not being able to figure out the difference!)


I tend to think of runner beans as the wavy ones with a flatter cross section and French beans as the straighter, round ones but I’m not sure there’s much scientific basis for that!
I’m mainly watching Garddio a Mwy for the escapism and Dyffryn Clwyd views so I’m sure there will be someone who knows more than me about gardening and can give a more authoritative answer.


Got these from

runner bean - Phaseolus coccineus - ffeuen ddringo - ffa dringo

French bean - Phaseolus vulgaris - ffeuen Ffrengig - ffa Ffrengig


Oh gosh, neither looks like what I thought runner beans or ffa dringo were! :rofl:

I’d be very confused if I had to order at a restaurant in Welsh or English right now, but I enjoy this digression in horticulture. :smiley:


Years ago we introduced visiting French friends to runner beans. They’d only previously known the normal haricots verts (“French beans”) and rather liked these flatter ones, so Maurice took some seeds home with him. An allotment neighbour saw them growing, and asked what they were: Maurice told him they were haricots anglais (“English beans”) :smile:


Hopefully a quick question with a quick answer. I’m puzzling over when to use ydi and when to use sydd.

The challenges have just taught that “what her name is” would be beth ydi ei henw hi.

But when I wanted to say to someone “I know what is going to happen” and thought you would logically use ydi (based on the sentence above) I was told it should be sydd - in this case, beth sydd yn mynd i ddigwydd.

I’m struggling with why one “is” would be ydi and the other would be sydd, and when to use which.

Thanks all!


Well, the verb “to be” is a bit tricky in Welsh, as it is the most irregular verb, with a number of extra forms used in specific circumstances. One of these circumstances is a so-called “identification sentence”, such as My name is Hendrik: Fy enw ydi Hendrik. It’s also works in a question: What is your name? - Beth ydi dy enw?
The other circumstance is when the “is” is part of a relative clause, such as I know someone who is working with your brother : Dw i’n nabod rhywun sydd yn gweithio gyda dy frawd.
Now, if you want to ask “What’s happening?” in Welsh, you are basically asking “What is it that is happening?”, giving you Beth sydd yn digwydd?

I hope I managed to clear up the muddle a little bit, but the more times you see these structures used, the more they will sink in.


Ok, I think I follow that. Thank you :+1:


I hope that this is a quickly answered question…
Someone wrote to me: “Iawn 'te” meaning (I believe ) “Ok, right”.
I also heard it ‘in the wild’ in our village the other day. Now, knowing the propensity for Welsh to have lots of words with an apostrophe replacing various letters I wonder if anyone knows what the actual full word for " 'te " is? It’s one of those little things that annoys me - sad creature that I am… :joy: Diolch!