Level 3 South - new lessons published


I’m really enjoying the North/South variations in this level.


Sorry that I hadn’t responded to this earlier - YES! Please… I would love it.


That’s OK. I will update it later this week when I’m back from Aberystwyth and post what I have - probably in a new thread.


Hiya, just wondering if there’s an ETA on the next few lessons?


Shw mae, Adam?

As it happens, I had a message from Ifan earlier today saying that lesson 12 is in “post production” (ie having the sound sorted out!), so should be with you very soon. 13 and 14 are being stitched together as I speak, so I hope we’ll see one of them before Christmas, and the other very close (though I’m not saying which side!) to the new year.

I have quite a bit of work tp do before 15 appears, so I’d better get on with it. I’m certainly aiming to get the next run of lessons out starting in January, but I won’t promise which end…



Gwych! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your hard work!


If you are champing at the bit waiting for new level 3 lessons, then thank you for all your hard work as well. You (as in chi, as in all you SSiWers) are amazing!


Oh! Lovely, a Christmas present. Diolch.


And here it is - number 12 is now up :slight_smile:

Nadolig llawen i bawb! :christmas_tree: :star: :angel: :santa: :christmas_tree:


Nadolig llawen i ti ac bawb arall o fi hefyd. :slight_smile:


Well that amazement goes back to you and your family. I just can’t stop telling to the people how amazing you are!

Diolch, diolch, diolch! :slight_smile:


Diolch o galon, @Kinetic
You and @Iestyn and Cat can take the whole of Christmas Day off as long as you start back early on Boxing Day. :laughing:


Many thanks, all for Challenge 12, which I found to be very rewarding. Mainly because I deliberately hit it running, without backtracking over the previous challenges.

My only sticking point was the “If you don’t make me a cuppa…” sentence, also mainly for the above reason.

For the purposes of completeness/undue perfectionism, I allowed myself to revisit that one sentence and check it out against its construction using the relevant vocabs from the previous challenges. Just in case it doesn’t come up again, you understand :wink:


South Challenge 13 is now out. :slight_smile: Enjoy!


A very joyful greeting to @Iestyn and all of you involved in making these lessons available to us all. It’s been an incredibly significant lifeline for me in the past few months - may blessings of great worth rain down on you and all your kin.

Having now completed all 13 South lessons and up to lesson 16 in the North (found I couldn’t wait for the South lessons) - I’ve noticed that they are diverging from one another quite a bit - I’ve not listened to any of the North Level 1 + 2 lessons - so I was wondering if this divergence is usual or accidental? I’m noticing things that Iestyn introduces in 12 not showing up in @aran’s lesson 14. Things like that. No criticism intended - only curiosity.



It’s an inevitable factor in using the new course creation tool - so instead of working from a northern script and then adapting it to southernisms, Iestyn is building directly within the algorithm - so we’ll be covering largely the same stuff, but in different patterns and at different paces within that structure… :slight_smile:


Challenge 14 is out on the website today :slight_smile: It should be on the app soon.


So happy to be able to listen to a new challenge! One question though - was the “edrych” intentional? :slight_smile:


Mwa-ha-haaaa… I love it when some northerny (or non-specifically-southerny) stuff slips past Iestyn… :wink:


Oh, what do they say down south then?