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Oxford walks


Diolch @owen-mcknight - so maybe an afternoon walk on Sun 22nd could work, then. @Betterlatethan, if we were to start out from Oxford Station, say, what time do you think you might be able to join us there?


I don’t think there’s any hope of catching the 13:02 train - I may still be in the shop. I could catch the 14:05, arriving at Oxford at 14:13. There would be some delay while I buy a ticket at the barrier in Oxford - we don’t have a ticket machine at our station.
When we had our river trip, I made it to Folly Bridge in time to catch the boat by catching the 13:33 bus. This supposedly reaches Westgate at 13:54, though it may be late (or even missing). Allowing time to walk to the station, this might make it - er - about 14:13. :confused:
Is that any good, @johnwilliams_6, @owen-mcknight?
Where were you thinking of going?
Of course, if you both fancied coming to Radley, we could look at Radley Lakes…?


Happy to cycle to Radley if we can agree a meeting point!


The racks on the approach road to Radley Station are probably the easiest place to leave a bike. This is conveniently near to the bus stop and the Bowyer Arms in case any refreshment is needed.


OK, this is sounding like a plan :slightly_smiling_face: How about if we say we’ll meet up at 13:30 outside Radley Station?


13:30 outside Radley Station (start of station approach road near bus stop) seems good to me.

Possiblilties include:

  1. To Radley Lakes, round lakes and back. (3.15 miles)
  2. To Radley Lakes, take cycle track (on former railway line to Abingdon), past Tennis Centre to Audlett Drive, Abbey Fish Ponds, past Wick Hall and return. (4.1 miles) This does include some outskirts of housing estates, but not much.
  3. To Radley Lakes, through old gravel pits to Thames, Thames path towards Abingdon but cut back across field to cycle track, return round other side of lakes and back to Radley. (about 5 miles)
  4. To Radley Lakes, through old gravel pits to Thames, Thames path towards Oxford as far as Radley College Boathouse, return through Lower Radley. (about 5 miles)
    Reasonable weather is needed. The Thames path gets horribly muddy after rain.

Oxford Welsh learners group

Diolch Sue - these all sound like good possibilities - we could leave deciding on which to go for on the day.
Hwyl, John


That’s great! Looking forward to it.


Forecast for Sunday is 60%-70% chance of rain all afternoon. @johnwilliams_6, @owen-mcknight, shall we look again tomorrow and then decide? It would not be a lot of fun in the rain.


Certainly we can do that - at the moment, by the way, it’s just the three of us you, @owen-mcknight and me that have said they’re interested althougth there’s always the possibility that someone might turn up unanounced (as has happened in the past)


The forecast is for very heavy rain (yellow warning) overnight to make the paths muddy or even flooded, then 60% chance of rain from 1pm. It’s a shame because I was down that way this morning and it was fine. What do you think @johnwilliams_6, @owen-mcknight? Should we cancel for tomorrow and maybe do it some other time? I hope that unannounced people would be unlikely to turn up in the rain. (Checking that @ramblingjohn is included here.)
I shall be out of contact between 7:50 and about 12:50 tomorrow.


Yes, now there’s an actual weather warning, we should cancel Sunday’s walk. Pity! I’d still be up for Radley Lakes another time.


Yes @Betterlatethan @owen-mcknight I agree should cancel, unfortunately (tagging @RichardBuck too who was thinking of perhaps joining us) - I’ll also let people know who are on the email list for those who dojn’t use the forum)


Well, who was intending to join you, weather permitting… :slight_smile: But I agree – I think joining @Betterlatethan in Radley is a nice idea that should work well, so let’s plan on rescheduling when the forecast looks more promising.


Yes, let’s do that.


And we have also, of course, @bethan-williams-1 @thomasd @ruth-connor and Alan Iwi who are are not far from Radley and may also be interested :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for remembering me, i wanted to be on the walk but time was against me,
see you all soon.
Cheers J.P.


We certainly haven’t forgotten you J.P.! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope we’ll see you again on one of our walks soon
Hwyl, John


Sue’s suggestion from a week or so ago might be a good option

How might that work for you @owen-mcknight @RichardBuck @ramblingjohn ?


I can only usually make Sundays; but please go ahead and plan without me, and I’ll join you on a walk if I can, and in the Kings Arms if I can’t.